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Can anyone recommend a good family law lawyer in Nevada? Thanks!
Nope, hadn't even kissed anyone during those 5.5 years.  I think it made me a little too anxious to rush things, and I had a (pretty disastrous) whirlwind relationship.  But I wouldn't really change things...in reality I was much too busy to have had time for intimacy before that point, and it was all a learning experience in the end.  It honestly was pretty anticlimactic when it finally happened--the guy was fine with it, and it wasn't such a huge deal to me anymore. ...
If it's not hardening still even though she's back to the other food, I would take her to the vet.  Last time this happened to one of my kittens it was an infection that needed treatment.
I would also get a second opinion from another midwife.  I'm so sorry--I had a horrific healing experience as well, due to bad stitching.  Hope you heal soon.
Five years.  Honestly I was just SO busy and chronically exhausted that I didn't think much about it.  There's absolutely no way there would have been room in my life for someone.  I was in school, working, homeschooling...it was chaotic, and I just needed to focus on myself and my daughter.  I knew that things would get better eventually and would be much more enjoyable when life was calmer. 
There's no right answer and it's such an individual choice.  For me, I waited nearly a year.
I traded childcare with another mom from my birth class when our kids were little, which was an ideal arrangement.  Later I found a SAHM to watch my daughter.  I dropped her off at their house, and her daughter and my daughter were the same age so it was pretty easy for her and didn't involve her having to drive to me so it was cheap(well, $11/hour which is cheap for this area).  I would suggest possibly finding a nanny share.  If you can find another family or two...
Yes, I know this feeling all too well.  It really distracts me when I'm trying so hard to focus on enjoying time with my daughter.  I honestly have to really force myself to focus...put on nice music, tell her it's our special time together and ask her what she wants to do and just try to avoid letting my mind wander to all the things I have to do.  It's a daily struggle.  Sometimes we'll come home and the house is a disaster, she's hungry, and I have a million things to...
Maybe once per month.  Too expensive to do more. 
I think you're doing the right thing.  I was a nanny for 9 years and you sound incredibly fair to me...especially the 6 weeks severance--wow!--very generous.  As any nanny knows, you have to be very clear about time off and even in tough situations can't be wishy-washy and leave families in a lurch at the last minute for something you were aware of well beforehand.  My best friend passed away a few years ago and I figured out right away any schedule changes and stuck to...
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