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I have never pursued becoming a midwife/doula because childcare issues would make being on-call difficult.  However, I am just really feeling the pull toward this path and I'm wondering if there are other single moms who have managed to find different solutions to make it work without much conflict--does anyone want to share their advice/tips?
I would just stop doing screen time, that way you avoid the battles that come with when it's time to turn it off, etc.
I've made frosting with vegan cream cheese and had great luck. 
Just found out that Trader Joe's no longer carries their habanero chili and sun dried tomato tortillas--these were our favorites and they won't reveal their supplier.  Just wondering if anyone has seen these sold anywhere else?
We have just settled in Pasadena (from northern CA) and my 5 year old daughter is eager to make some friends.  I would love to hear about homeschool groups anywhere around here, local kids' activities, recommendations for classes in the area(especially dance/music/theater), or if you have a child around her age and would be interested in meeting up we would love to.  :)  Thanks for any suggestions!
Hi  :)  Contact Harmony Birth Resources in Campbell.  They have a meet-the-doulas night regularly(not sure how often they're doing them these days--once a month I think?).  I went to one when I was pregnant with my daughter 5 years ago and several of the doulas were from over the hill.  
I am new to Pasadena and looking for a nanny position. I am looking to start immediately though...are you looking for full-time or part-time care?
I am in CA and checked us out AMA when my daughter was born...I didn't have any problems doing so.
Thanks for the replies so far. ALittleBitCrunchy, he has Type 2.
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