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We tried daycare when my daughter was 23 months old and it didn't work out--I watched her through the window one day and it was obvious how unhappy she was, and she was always unhappy when I picked her up too. The change in her that I noticed outside of daycare time was an indication as well. I would trust your instinct and find another situation. I was able to find, through a recommendation of a friend, a stay at home mom who was a nanny and it was a great situation. ...
I would stay with family until I had a stable source of income. If you feel confident enough to move right now, I would go with the cheaper place because more space and yard area are top priorities for me...and it's cheaper. I would give the kids the bedrooms and sleep in the living room--I'm in a studio right now but if/when we get a 1-bedroom I want my daughter to have her own space.
My partner is diabetic and has severe mood swings...I was talking with a friend tonight and he mentioned the connection. A quick search online came up with a lot of info, but mostly anecdotal. Has anyone dealt with this before? I don't know much about diabetes and it sounds like this moodiness aspect of the disease is largely unacknowledged in the medical community. The accounts I read were very disheartening...has anyone had luck finding a way to stabilize the mood...
Village PlayGarden is one I found online, though I don't have firsthand experience with it.
I am working in La Quinta for a month and have the days free with my 5 year old daughter. If anyone with a ~4-6 year old is interested in making a play date with us, we would very much enjoy the company! If anyone knows of any homeschooling groups around here that would be helpful as well.
Thanks Megan! I'd love to hear more about how to connect with the homeschooling community.
In one month I will be moving with my daughter from northern CA to Orange County--Laguna Hills. The only time I've been there was to visit Disneyland so I don't know the area at ALL, and never even been to the area that I'm moving. My daughter is 5 and we have enjoyed an awesome outdoor/nature-based homeschool/preschool, with a great community of like-minded families, and it seems that I'm going to have to work a bit harder down there to find like-minded friends. -Are...
Thanks Shellbell and Judi. I signed up at SitterCity. I am now moving to Orange County after all, so any additional recommendations would be appreciated!
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