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I need some new dressy shoes that are comfortable enough to wear all day and while walking a lot--anyone have recommendations? I'm wanting a pair of basic dressy flats, and also a pair of heels. I don't dress up very often, but last time I did when I was subbing at a college, and my feet were sore for DAYS afterwards just from walking across campus so I'm desperate for something fashionable and comfortable. Thanks for any recommendations!
Hi, I'm meeting an out-of-state friend in Santa Barbara and would appreciate advice on the following: -She is flying in very late at night so we are looking for a hotel recommendation that is close to the airport. We're definitely looking for something cheap and basic(not a dump but we're fine with no-frills). -We will have pretty limited time in the area(probably just several hours before we have to drive to LA), but I'm looking for an awesome activity or two that...
I would absolutely stay away from Kaiser.
Hi Jen Neighborhoods with charm: the Rose Garden area of San Jose, and the town of Los Gatos There are several great CSAs right over the hill in Santa Cruz, and I know that Blue Moon Organics delivers over to this area. Check out Christa McAuliffe school in Cupertino--a great progressive school. My daughter goes to a new preschool that is nature-based and Waldorf-inspired. I think it is listed in the Los Gatos Recreation Center schedule, and I can get you the...
Needing ideas! Thanks for any suggestions.
No idea what to get...any suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by no5no5 DD talks an awful lot. If I talked that much, I'd lose my voice. But what worries me about your post is that your son has no playmates. DD really benefits from spending unstructured time with other kids. Ditto; it sounds like he is VERY social but this need is not being met for him. My daughter needs several hours of daily interaction with peers--I would definitely join some playgroups and classes.
I agree with SquishyKitty. I just got my neighbors kicked out for leaving their dogs cooped up all day--the dogs would be freaking out ALL day but of course the owners had no idea and didn't believe me I guess when I complained to them. I think it becomes cruel if it's beyond the point that they might have to use the bathroom. Getting a baby gate and keeping them in the kitchen, or even just having them outside are much more humane alternatives for daytime.
Yes, he should be helping, and here I believe you can start receiving child support while pregnant. Good luck with everything! I was/am in the same boat you are.
I am looking for help with my friend's son. He is 6 years old and is a wonderful, typically developing child. The "issue" is his extreme obsession with hair. He has had this obsession since around the age of 3. He wants to be a hairstylist and would just play with doll's hair all day long if he could(or any willing person's). I have observed a few gender "issues" such as him wearing his sister's pink skirt to the store(when he was with only me--his parents would never...
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