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I *think* I'm ready to label my little Leah as a colicky babe as well. She's only this way at night and we have to do some odd things to get her to calm down (putting her in lots of weird positions and rocking/swaying/shaking). it's definitely a workout. Leah is our fourth and is really challenging what we know as parents. She hates bathtime, car rides, massages and her bouncer. She also hates to lay on her back UNLESS she is asleep in our bed. It's the craziest...
We're expecting #4 as well. Kids are 6, 4 and 20 months. Seems like we have 'em every 2-1/2 years or so. LOL I'm a wee bit nervous, as I live in MN and will be traveling an hour to deliver. March is one of the snowiest months here and I don't want to be in labor and get stuck in snow. I have been thinking about a homebirth, but it would need to be covered 100% by ins. and that is not the norm. I am worried about finding care for all three kids when I go into...
wow! That's quite the list! Can you add me on March 8th? Thanks!
Hope this is the right place to post . . . . . Natalie has chicken pox. She just started to break out last night. If anyone is interested in exposing their children, we should be home all weekend. Just PM me.
It's my most recent journal entry. Just happened today. I feel it's important to share my feelings. Thanks ----------------------- While at the checkout line at the grocery store, a familiar face started adding her groceries to the belt in the same line as me. I felt panic almost immediately; I know she saw me and recognized me as well. This person scarred me for life, literally. She is the reason my weight loss and gain issues. she's responsible for...
Also, something to point out; there is a date of manufacture sticker on all carseats. Should be on the back of the seat itself. The date of manufacture is the date to go by and NOT the date of purchase. So probably well beyond time to replace.
Good for you! I'm glad to see that you stuck to your guns and didn't let them talk you into it! Do what you gotta do - baby will come when it's ready! Good luck!
My ODS was vaxed until he was about 3, MDS had his first few sets and natalie has had none. Older and wiser . . . . .
Good luck mama! Relaxation is KEY! Relax! relax! Relax! And let your body do what it was built to do~
Quote: Originally Posted by les7699 So who else thinks we will see Michael next week? OoooOOOoo Good thought. I was thinking Charlie. Maybe he somehow lived through the drowning.
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