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I'm 4th then! Ds has 3 weeks to go until he turns 3.
I think you do have the oldest child. I'm in third place with a 35 mo old. I'm weaning him down to once a day though, it is just too painful now.
Welcome! I'm on progesterone now too. Congratulations!!!
pomegranite paradise jamba juice and potato and bacon breakfast tacos
We are ignored here in the US until 8 weeks too unless you have a history of m/cs.
I'm taking a different prenatal this time with DHA. It doesn't make me throw up like last time. I need to start doing omega 3 supplements but I haven't yet. And I've downloaded the blue ribbon baby diet and need to get on the ball with that. I have some red raspberry leaf tea that I'm drinking, what are the other herbs for? Thanks!
i'm not totally convinced that these issues are completely cultural. My dh is filipino american and I am caucasian (just so you have a point of reference). But I hear stories like this from many friends who are the same culture & ethnicity as their dh. Families just raise their kids differently and kids are all individuals. In your case, I would say, you may think that elders don't deserve respect but need to earn it, but I had a wonderful childhood and was very...
Ds is almost 3. We have talked about that we are going to have a baby next year but we haven't said that the baby is in my tummy. I m/c-ed in the fall and was relieved that we had done it the same way so it wasn't a big deal to him that we lost the baby because he doesn't have the idea that the baby was here- I mean 9 months is so far away. So now we just say, we are going to move and after that we are going to have a baby. This way if anything happens early on,...
I like Wilma!
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