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thank you! i actually have an appointment at Birthwise this week!
this is a good link too- http://continuum-concept.org/reading/spinalStress.html it isn't good for the baby to "hang" in a carrier, at least not with all the weight on their spine.
Let's see... I have 2 pouches, a ring sling, a SSC/ buckle tai and 2 mei tais all made by me. but I do make them to sell...so it is hard not to make myself some... then I have a Freehand mei tai and an Angelpack mei tai. I did have a Beco, but I wasn't a big fan. I am addicted to TBW fsot. I don't like wraps, which is good...or i'd probably be broke.
i have two bikes that we'll be giving away. they have never been ridden, thus they need work. they have sat on our patio for nearly 4 yrs. they are Fuji mountain bikes, but they will need a tune up. i'll be giving them to Goodwill if no one wants them.
I have a ton of stuff i'm wanting to get rid of before we move. 0-9mo girl clothes, summer stuff too. Pm me for pics. Wine glasses lotion and bubble bath stuff stroller baby bathtub baby toys/rattle type toys hmm...i know there is more. i'll be editing to add more as i find it.
So i'm looking to simplify my family's wardrobe, well mine and my husbands. My daughter is only 13mo old, so her clothes don't take up that much room. BUT, i have a walk in closet full of clothes that I never wear. : So my question is, how many clothes do you keep? I tend to hang onto a lot of stuff thinking, well maybe i'll get back down to a size 8, or maybe i'll get pregnant again, etc... But i'm thinking of just keeping a handful of shirts and pants/jeans and...
i had an ergo and i sold it because my mei tais were actually more comfortable! the only thing with the ergo was it was easy to get on and off for quick trips like at the grocery store. but now i just use my mei tai and i love it. so much more comfortable. eta- i think one reason being the mei tai straps cross in the back and distribute the weight better. the ergo always seemed to hurt my back/shoulders after a while.
I know i'm going to be adding more to my list... but here is a start. Lotions and bath stuff, some from bath and body works, other brands as well. A lot of it unused. If anyone is interested, i'll go through it all and let you know the scents. I have a ton of this stuff filling my bathroom cabinet!! Some maternity clothes Small mama clothes, some size 8 stuff that I really don't see myself fitting into any time soon. A baby jungle play gym(i don't know...
very cute, btw!!
You can see mine here. Although I didn't dress up.
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