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I love CTMH! I am also a consultant. I joined because I was buying so much, lol!
My son just started to learn to play violin. Love your violin! He's not to the point he needs a full size or one that expensive yet.
My son's favorite collection is his rock collection. He has some other things he collects as well.
Happy fourth of July!
Even the community colleges around here won't let students enroll in the adult classes before age 16.
If they are wanting the pattern to make and sell them it is worth a lot more.
I had never looked for an elementary age Latin program. How cool! I will have to take a look at it.
Welcome! I live in Lebanon. There are quite a few of us from Missouri on the board!
At what age did you start teaching Latin?
I am not teaching my six year old Latin. I took it in college though.
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