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OMG, yes! It's gotten to the point with some friends that I don't even bother to leave a message. I just hang up when they don't answer!   And a caller id related rant - this happened more when caller id was first popular, what 15 years ago? But anyway, I worked at a place without a receptionist. Anyone and everyone in the office would answer the phone. People would call and say, "Somebody from this number just called my house. Why?"  And it wasn't too uncommon for...
Orthodoxy not orthodoxy.   Pet peeve. Makes my teeth itch.  
Just go to the cleaning supplies section at your local store and look for the microfiber dust cloths. I use them dry or maybe just a teensy bit damp. Work fab. You can wash them. Depending on how large your place is you might find that 4-5 are good to have.
Bumping! I specifically took a break at work so I could check this thread on my phone!
I would get some type of a rolling cart for printer and scanner.
The tabernacle holds the reserved Body of Christ. It's a very large version of the small containers that Orthodox churches (often shaped liked churches)have on the altar.   Catholic tabernacle:   http://www.flickr.com/photos/msabeln/2260496473/   Orthodox tabernacle: http://www.easternchristiansupply.biz/-#supplies/c98/c138/41502   Catholic tabernacles don't just hold the Body of Christ, but also the chalice holding it. Usually locks, as well.   The tabernacle is...
No, Mary had the same type of death as other humans, same as her birth and conception were the same. It's what happened AFTER her death that's the difference. She didn't have to wait until the Last Judgment/Resurrection on the Last Day to fully taste of the eternal life. Christ granted it to her right after her death. The iconography of the Dormition shows Christ taking her soul to heaven right away.
  The state's (as in government) gonna do what it's gonna do. I, however, wish that the clergy (of whatever faith tradition) could get out of the business of being the gov't agents for performing marriages. I wish that here it the States, we had the set-up that they have in France - I'm sure other countries do it, not sure which ones - where you have a civil ceremony. If a couple wants a religious ceremony, that's separate.
There is an Ethiopian parish somewhere in my very large metropolitan area. However, the two Ethiopian families wanted English! The Ethiopian parish was a long drive, in any case. Apparently, the liturgical language used in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is not understood at all, or so I'm told, by virtually all of the laity. It's not like the liturgical Greek or Church Slavonic that bear some resemblance (more or less) to the modern Greek and Russian.   There's a parish in...
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