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"LUV" ? Yeah, sounds like they've come up with a cover story to cover their butts. Take the refund, but send them a nasty letter about calling you a liar. Maybe something about apologising for calling you a liar as well or perhaps they'd rather more bad press?
Oh, I still make beans, just rarely anymore. If anyone has suggestions for making them in some other way than I'm used to, that would be what I'm looking for (water, broth, beans...pepper added if it's navy beans...that's what I'm used to doing and every time the bowls are left mostly full). I'm also one that does not fix separate meals. You eat what I fix, but I can't stand wasting food like that either. I'll try some of the ideas listed above as well. TVP is what my...
Thank you for that recipe. I'll have to try it. We were just chrismated in December. Fr told us that we only have to fast from meat on Wed and Fri the first year, but the start of the Liturgical Year is coming up and our schooling starts then (both homeschool and private). I thought it would be nice to start figuring this out now.
Issues with soups and beans... We used to eat so many beans that we have trouble getting the kids to eat them. All soups and beans that we make take chicken or beef broth. Someone on another board mentioned vegetable broth...what in heavens is it and where do I get it?! I've never seen it as vegetable and onion soups are made with beef broth. Tofu: I've only been able to fix tofu once in a manner that people actually ate it. Also, concern about soy and the...
Seems we've lost the thread? I have a question for those that have large families. What kinds of meals to you fix for fasting that don't break the budget? Fasting is supposed to be limiting, not splurging...and yet, it always seems to cost us more to do.
I would like to know also. We were chrismated in December
Another book, that I'm currently reading, is God is Red.
Quote: Originally Posted by doubledutch the op acknowledged that, even within the text you quoted. I wasn't criticising her personally What I am saying is that not all of them have common threads in the manner generally assumed...like you said, she noted that there is a stereotypical view. I was shooting off of that and her mentioning her Cherokee ancestry, which I share as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by laohaire I am a lifelong agnostic who always thought she was atheist. I never discounted the possibility of God, but I never believed in a persona. In the past few years I've been trying to figure out what I do believe, and it's not been easy. I've looked into Christianity, Buddhism, even Wicca, and there are elements of each that interest me, but none really fit. I'm not looking for a perfect fit, but none of those fit at all....
I've searched high and low and cannot find a response from Ron Paul on it. He's the man I wanted also.
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