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Why is the CPSC not responding to this?! (well, we know why...they are in the duck and cover mode at the moment)
Heard back from my Rep's wife. They looked further into this and state that it's a federal issue, and that is why they were not in loop on this issue. Though technically out of their hands, they are willing to look into it and see if there is anything they can do (or, I presume, put bugs into people's ears). They did give me the names of the Senator and Reps that I SHOULD contact. So all in all, they were VERY helpful for his position. (he's a Representative in the...
I emailed my Rep's wife (they are in our church). Today we talked. Her husband had NEVER HEARD OF THIS LAW! They are now looking into it. I gave her more detail quickly, then emailed her as well...here was my email: Quote: (her name), thought I would just send a bit of detail and some links in case it helps. The law states that ANYTHING made for ANY child 12 and under must be tested to make certain that it falls within standards on lead. Resale shop...
I was so happy with ABC's Eli Stone on the issue and then they do this!
I missed that part. I got made when they started discussing calling CPS on people that don't vaccinate.
You know, now that I think about it...Abeka does the SAME THING. Hmmm....doubt I could get them to listen though. Quote: Originally Posted by Mamapits Racism in Waldorf Alphabet Book Please let Bell Pond Books know that it is racist to place Native American people in the same category as objects and animals. Bell Pond Books is the publisher of "Waldorf Alphabet Book". It is an alphabet picture book with an "Indian and two "Inuits" as part of...
Checking in. I just want to apologise. I know I owe some of you a draft and instructions on a snood. I've had a chest cold that knocked me for a loop. Getting better, but it's still not gone. I just wanted you to know I haven't forgotten about you
And Autism isn't the ONLY worry. "Children will DIE without them!" What about the children that have or nearly died FROM them?! And vaccinating people already exposed is supposed to just magically keep them from coming down with it??? Wow! That show really needs some insight into how things REALLY work.
Thank you! I passed on the information.
A friend of mine is adopting a baby. The bio-mom (a relative of hers) has decided not to pump for her and thus she, adopting mom, has had to formula feed (Similac with Iron) and the babe hasn't passed a bowl in 3 days. She's wondering if there is anything she can do to help his constipation (?)
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