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Thank you. I'll repost there.
Not sure whether this is the right place or not...I didn't see a place for support for those with who HAVE to formula feed. A friend of mine is adopting a baby. The bio-mom (a relative of hers) has decided not to pump for her and thus she, adopting mom, has had to formula feed (Similac with Iron) and the babe hasn't passed a bowl in 3 days. She's wondering if there is anything she can do to help his constipation (?)
Quote: Originally Posted by kmeyrick My skin is pale, very pale, but you can see my Native American blood in my cheek bones, jaw, and my ....heh heh....old nose. I've been asked if I was Eastern European, part Native American, Jewish......I don't know why, a lot of people will just ask me these questions right at the check out line. I must be mighty strange looking that that many people ask me for an explanation. Rather unnerving. Ditto here
That would be awesome...let's hope they keep the same actors.
ROTFL...totally agree with the whole Sawyer/Jack thing. Kate needs the Real Man :
Don't have time to read the entire thread, but.... AMEN! to the OP!
We're on no contact with my MIL and BIL (NPD issues). We've started returning gifts unopened (she only buys for certain children in our household, forgets others, buys inappropriate for our family movies, cuts contact with us then sends nasty letters about how dare we don't tell her things that aren't her business in the first place and that we have a "darkness" in our home/kids are going to hell with me, etc).
Some of me, some of their daddy, and some of other relatives. Due to our ancestry, our children range the pigment spectrum a bit. You can tell they are all related, but then they are each different. One child looks like a mix of FIL and one of my brothers, another is hubby's duplicate, another is very much like me but darker and with more of our Cherokee ancestry showing, another looks like a cross between a grandmother and a great grandmother, one looks like a cross...
Ours are loving Latin! : We're using Omnibus, Apologia, Warriner's Fourth Course Grammar, Teaching Textbooks Algebra I, Latin for Children, and Classical Writing for our oldest. Abeka Math & Phonics, Primary & Intermediate Language Lessons, Classical Writing, Latin for Children, Story of the World & Streams of Civilisation, and an online Science course for my younger children. We're also learning Tsalagi and continuing Sign Language. My older children have started...
Quote: Originally Posted by Shelvicious Hey, I'm Aniishanaabe from Northern Minnesota. I'm new to this forum. Just stopping by to say hello to all the other Native moms. Osiyo, Aniishanaabe!
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