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It depends on the conversation and how we are getting along. LOL! Same for Stepmama-in-law. Same for hubby with my mama. And yes, I also have a Stepmomma and I go back and forth with her also.
I confess...I had to watch JoJo's momma take the heat of owning her words. Yeah, I'm guessing there will either be a permanent rift between mother and son or the boy just isn't going to find himself a girl in this crowd.
Announcement: Registration for Tsalagi/Cherokee Language Classes is open!!! http://www.cherokee.org/Culture/Language/Default.aspx
You look lovely!
Okay, understand now, thanks!
You will need to sew snaps on the ends that go under. A pin will tear the material after a time.
Henny, I've been asked a few times if I'm Jewish (once by a Jewish man from Israel living in Manhattan and once by a Jewish friend's son). And hubby, based on looks, had a Lebanese coworker INSIST he was Jewish (my husband has black irish in him amoungst other things, so the descent is very probable). Are you beachy? Don't worry ladies...I'll get together with ya'll another time. We just have A LOT going on here right now. I'm curious, Smeisnotapirate, is your husband...
Quote: Originally Posted by christianmomof3 It was easy being Jewish and not celebrating Christmas, but it is more difficult being Christian and not celebrating it. because mainstream american christianity doesn't understand. I love that video also.
Thanks for the offer, Amy. I found out after talking with hubby that there was more going on with our vehicles than I thought. He's started taking mine to work today and his needs to go to the shop. I've had a lot going on here lately anyhow with extended family and am trying to just relax and get things back to normal around here
I can't. It takes 2 vehicles for our family to go anywhere. Hubby works days for the next couple of months.
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