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PM'd you, HennyPenny.
George, Frances, Wesley, Melissa, Ike, Davey, Alvin...that's a few...and I live in the country.
I have no one to watch the munchkins during the day...so we won't be able to come.
If they want to comment, then I would just simply ask, "then why is it that your kid (or SIL's child, if speaking to grandparent) is always sick and mine isn't?"
My experience is unvax'd kids get sick less.
Guess I'm confused on no tea unless herbal thing...tea is herbal.
Thank you for this post. And thank you for clearing up any misconceptions I had : Though we have our own faith, I find no reason to be rude to missionaries of any sort. Sometimes I've let them know that I have a church and am firm in my faith. Other times, I've been willing to discuss, but it has to be open to going both ways, not just me listening to them. I've had a couple of JW girls thank my husband and I for not being unkind to them, for having a good quick...
Quote: Originally Posted by talk de jour That's weird -- I had a ton of LDS friends growing up and they'd drink milk, Sprite, etc -- depending on their family, Coke or DP as well. Although like I said, my dad is an inactive baptized Mormon, and they knew that, so it may have been a trust/knowledge issue. Oh, I know they do...it's when they come over. My LDS friends would turn down everything my mama offered and one of my son's old friends...
Not LDS, but have a cousin that is as well as having grown up around a few. My understanding is: they have a prohibition against caffeine. My grandmother in Utah once sent my mama a can of cocoa (no caffeine; not even your usual "decaf" I believe) that was made by and approved of by LDS. However, every LDS person I've known typically says, "no thank you" to anything other than water, even if it's something "okay". Since they don't know you, they really have no way of...
Those are beautiful!
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