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Quote: Originally Posted by brennasmom I read to much on the internet. They make it sound like if you get chicken pox your a goner for sure.... brain infections, skin infections,etc., etc. It's Chicken Pox, not Small Pox They are definitely EXAGGERATING. Is there a possibility of those things? Sure. But CP vax actually causes a child to come down with CP in most cases (my nephews' ped actually stated that it's supposed to, but it's a...
Welcome, Possum! Wow! So many of us in the county, cool!
That's just mean and cruel. I know for my 16th birthday I was handed a $1 store ceramic piece, told that it was for my keys to the car outside (a 79 catalina that needed A LOT of work and brakes)...but I wouldn't get the keys till my grades came up to my stepdad's standard (straight A's). I never got the car and after I moved out it had apparently been sold (some other guy was driving it...must've fixed the brakes).
Any of the above sounds good, except the Lancaster Library, because I'm not good at driving and parking IN Lancaster (Park City is right off a major highway, I can do that). I can't have people over, because I have a cat and do not keep a kosher kitchen (add that I have a busy family here).
They have kits, with beginner's book...I would get one of those, open it, and expound upon those items. Also, knitting vs crochet depends on the person. My grandmother tried to teach me to crochet for 15yrs. I'm a lefty. I finally taught myself how to knit a couple of years ago. After learning to knit, I was able to teach myself crochet. All using online videos. HTH
Yes, those are the kinds of cloth snoods I make and wear. It's a simple pattern to draft. PM me and I would be happy to draft one and write up directions to send you
oh, I have a CUTE berret from the thrift store...can't wear it, looks ridiculous, but can't resist owning such a pretty piece of knitting LOL!
Depends on the mama and the birth. I've birthed both in hospitals and at home. There were times that I was able to keep on what I was wearing and other times that in throws of labour I just. couldn't. stand. having. any. thing. on! So off it came with a vengence! Then, with that out of the way, we were able to focus on having my babe.
Sara, I would use the term "just". Gd is Just. What we view as good, bad, fair, unfair...you're right. It's all there to show HIS Glory. Any blessings we receive are by HIS Grace to us. But we can count on HIM being Just. (that's how my faith would view it anyhow )
Just wondering if anyone is involved in some sort of hand craft ministry? One of my old churches made comforters/tied quilts out of old denim jeans and my husband would hand them out to the homeless that were still on the streets after the shelters closed/were full on the coldest nights of the year or those that didn't want to go to a shelter (he would offer rides to the shelters as well as other items to help). I remember once, there was one blanket left and three men...
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