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Actually, I think "Dave" is after Mike. Mike spent time in jail. Mike also killed a guy I believe (in prison?). "Dave's" brother was killed by someone else in prison. "Dave" told Mike that he needed him alive as he wasn't "done with him yet".
May I just say: her baby is so CUTE! (sorry, had to get that out) What makes me mad is the "apology" the news station got: "apologise for any misunderstanding" That is NOT an apology for the actions of their employees, nor is it acknowledgment of the incident. Also, a REAL apology needs to be given directly to the mother, NOT the news station just to get them off your back. Heavens, I wish I was able to take a trip home to visit family; I'd nurse in with ya.
Must be that nurse or that particular section. My husband had surgery at Reading hospital and I had a nursing babe with me the whole day. No one said a word. I'm sorry that happened and I would definitely write a letter to the administration.
Just wanted to give s
We live in an area where lots of people keep goats. The more the merrier. I would go for 3. Goats are social creatures. They get lonely easily. We were given two and that was considered too few. They clung to eachother (one would get lose, but she would not leave the fencing because he was still inside). Recently our male died, so we only have the female. This is not good. I'll definitely be looking to get more goats in the spring.
We all understand those, "mama is escaping" moments
A lot of Cherokee are Christian also.
Quote: Originally Posted by smeisnotapirate I think the one in PC is a Claire's actually. So is the one in the outlet mall. Not sure, though. Want to check it out? We can make that mall trip a reality! I would certainly love to :
Guess where I'll be looking. Park City does have an Icing shop, yes? (I still think of it as Claire's LOL! Showing my age!)
In Lancaster County, PA it would be a huge profit loss to fire all non or selective vaxing patients. Also, I've found it better to go with a General Practitioner instead of a Pediatrician. GP's are more understanding and take the entire family's lifestyle under consideration about things.
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