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I really appreciate your comments. It also makes sense what you are saying about the so-called partial circ. And I'm not one to ask for a particular result as a means of looks, but as for what is best for my child (we are hoping for another boy)...so I'm not trying to be weird...just informed.
Sounds like I'm in for it...that's okay. BTW, I am reading over the threads (I am such an information freak). I'm noticing different kinds of circs mentioned throughout the threads, besides the two my little ones experienced. Could someone fill me in on the different types?
Okay, I know I'm gonna get flamed here, but give me a chance. I have no problem with ppl who are against circs...fine. I have a problem with drs that are out for their own agenda though...either way! The dr that "circ'd" my oldest son (who made us wait till he was six months!) messed up big time. I found out from his associate that it was done on purpose! The dr was against circs and therefore decided (without telling us that he wasn't going to do a normal circ-ie...
Even though we DO circ, this dad sounds brainless! What a horrible thing to call his own child, let alone to make such a deal out of such a personal thing.
Okay, well my sig is working now....blush.
I can't get an avatar or a signature up...is there a reason?
I only have a few usernames I use throughout the net. Mommaduck is one of them. I picked it up due to my training my children to hold my skirt and eachothers hands while shopping. Someone made the comment once that we looked like a mommaduck and her ducklings. So it stuck.
Hello, I'm momma of five little ones. I found this site through google. We are currently in IL but are soon to be moving to PA.
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