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thank you! That's so nice. I know I should have left it. It was about ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) and wondering if anyone else out there deals with this or suspects they do. My post wasn't actually all that personal but I have come to loathe posting personal info online and once I get a ton of views and no posts, I just don't want to leave it there anymore. : I searched but surprisingly didn't find that much about it here.
I'm investigating this possibility and totally overwhelmed ... Wondering if anyone else deals with this. Also I really want to pursue anything but drugs to help the behavior. I know elimination diets are probably first. Help?
We do read encyclopedia brown at home, but I have a feeling that would be too long. Oh the real story of the three little pigs- that is funny. I might do that one! But the costume idea is really throwing me. I wish they didn't even make that an option. And I hate when ds comes home with crappy candy handed out by the mystery reader, too. I wonder what I could possibly do with that book to be creative.
I'm the mystery reader for my son's first grade class next week, and despite having tons of books and constantly checking out books and looking for books to read...I drawing a blank. I need a good book for reading aloud as well as some sort of clever idea for a costume or something to go along with it. Any favorites to suggest, that lend themselves to reading aloud, with extra ideas? Looking for something spring related.
I do the same thing and have the same issues. Mine looks more like the height of banana bread. It's very frustrating. Since mine rises more the first time (the 12-18 hours) than the second 2 hours, I tried to let it rise on the warm oven the second time, but no luck. I really need to start making regular bread I guess, but I was hoping to make this work b/c it's so fast.
Interesting thread. I've been wondering if my fatigue, mild anxiety and moodiness could be a result of my IUD. The thing is, it's not like I never struggled with fatigue and some moodiness before! So it's not terribly cut and dried, but then I began to wonder if it can just worsen it.I know there are threads all over the net on this, but has there been any development in the medical community about symptoms? Or are they still claiming that these are unrelated?
I tested my mom's painted ceramic mugs bought in Greece in like 1962 and they came up clean. I tend to wonder if those are reliable! But anyway, I just went with Hamilton beach. Unfortunately I came up with no other information. I just went with the one reported to have the least when the thread started. I figure if we use it a couple times a week, it is probably less damaging than other things I should probably be worrying about.
I had forgotten about the failsafe books- I've seen them mentioned here before. And they are so cheap on amazon. The website looks good though. You're right I guess I should check out on the allergy forum. I guess I was in the behavioral issues mindset and asked here. Is one program considered better than the other? I printed out one list and it seemed like every veggie/fruit under the sun was High of Very High or Moderate on it. Maybe I need a program after all. I...
I saw the website but felt like I couldn't really find any details about it without buying something, which just made me sort of resistant, and then of course what you can read is about avoiding obvious stuff to me (like artificial colors). It's the apples/tomatoes/etc. that will be difficult. My kids are already picky. I'm glad to hear that you felt it was worth it. I guess there is nothing left but to just try it.
what exactly is the program? Is it a specific way to go about eliminating?
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