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I'm interested in trying the Feingold diet to see if it improves my son's behavior. Here's the thing: I've already, looong eliminated artifical colors and flavors, preservatives, etc. I understand a lot of healthy foods contain some salicylates too, so I am thinking we will try to avoid them for a few weeks and see if we notice anything. Is there anything to it, aside from simply checking out the lists available online? Is there a website anyone prefers? I'm not sure if...
I didn't see where Drew talked to Ryan, but I did see him talk to Farrrah, and I didn't think he really got on her case either. I think his approach is directional but not overbearing. He brought up the issues with her and kind of let it go, where I felt like she kind of needed to be beat over the head with the obvious a little more. I'm curious now as to what he said to Ryan. I saw the episode where he basically called her lazy and Maci didn't take the bait. What a jerk.
He is???! That is too bad. I recall listening to him on Loveline years ago and he was actually constantly countering his sidekicks sexist comments and advice, but maybe he has changed. That's horrible what he said about breastfeeding. What you just said would have been perfect- yeah it CAN be tough. But it is certainly not impossible. And it's free too, so you'd think that would be a perk even.
Reviva makes one with kojic acid.
It can definitely show up after a while of no problems.
Yep, and if you make your own, you can lessen the baking soda if you're sensitive. I think they put a lot of it in the funk butter.
Quote: Originally Posted by Plaid Leopard I use baking soda and coconut oil. I take 1/2 tsp of coconut oil, sprinkle some baking soda on it, then rub until the oil starts to "melt" and the bs mixes in so that I can rub it under my arms. I've also mixed up a bunch in a small lidded container and used as needed. Of all the natural deodorants I have tried this has worked the best. I don't even need to apply it every day. This is the best for me,...
bumping cuz I am also wondering about TCF these days and any alternatives. I used TCF for quite a while and the quality was usually good, but the customer service was terrible and I hated the lack of local produce in the summer. I was hoping it had improved a bit, but it sounds like maybe it hasn't? I'm thinking about using them again just for the winter. I also found FP super expensive when I tried them. Is Nature Direct the only other alternative?It looks like they...
Quote: Originally Posted by chirp yeah i totally let him help. i just feel bad sometimes that a lot of our day is me cleaning and not playing. esp. since i sah to BE WITH HIM. although i read on here some time ago about an idea called the continuum concept...where part of it was letting your child see that the world doesn't revolve around them. that cleaning and taking care of responsibilities was important for all people including...
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