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We went straight to our britax marathon at about that time. The waking a sleeping baby thing really wasn't a big deal by that point. For me, that was more of an issue when he was an itty bitty newborn, sleeping a lot and falling asleep at the drop of a hat. I also just wore him or picked him up. I think you get used to not having that option pretty fast. I think it's an overrated one. Also, I know this isn't what you asked, but the fussing during wearing could also phase...
If you do frontier co ops, I get the Monin brand through that. It's like 6.20 (or maybe it went up slightly) for a big bottle and no artificial colors and stuff. I love the vanilla and hazelnut ones, haha. Hence the name.
Quote: Originally Posted by buttercup784ever ^^Ahhh, torturing children. I love it. " No kidding! How horrid. OP I would just ask nicely if DS could have one too, and if it doesn't work out, shrug it off. I've told my kids that sometimes it's hard to remember to share, or hard to share, but I wouldn't state it with the intent of making the other kid feel bad. If it's not a regular occurrence, (like at a regular playdate) I wouldn't...
Gah. They don't fit either. Anyone know about affordablediapers.com ?? They fit great and stay up but have enough stretch for the big ole toddlers.
What kinds/how many storage tubs does it require for that level of storage, can I ask? I don't have that much, but I'd like to get some more.
Although most people have no clue that rearfacing is that much safer and can be done once the kids legs are bent and they are past the baby bucket stage. I was once part of that 95% and became a member of the 5% as soon as I learned the facts.
I do feel like the language used to describe her was strong: brutish, bully, you don't like her, etc. To my mind, two is really so little, even though the behavior is obviously not OK. That being said, I think I've seen both sides. Can't say my kids have tormented others, but they've certainly pushed a couple times, and with some parents that's enough to make you feel like you're a bad mom to a horrible bully when you can't stop the behavior immediately. I've also been...
I agree, it's easier now. But it just stinks for the rest of us who have already purchased multiple seats, but they only rf up to 33 max and now we have to run out and buy more. And based on the activity on those lovely and helpful carseat forums, they aren't always so perfectly compatible with certain cars or smaller cars. Quote: Originally Posted by Maedze Some of the bigger convertibles are very expensive, but not all. If a parent buys My Ride...
I'm not sure a two year old can really fall into the "bully" category.
I was surprised too. I so far just skimmed the email I got from cpsc, but it sounded like almost all maclarens ever, from all of time. I got a volo like 4 years ago. Am I really supposed to think it's dangerous now? I haven't looked at it again yet, but I'm not sure how it can catch a finger.
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