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It's unfortunate though that it can be so difficult for some of us to keep them rear-facing. As a result I can see why some people resist. The seats are only recently available for rear-facing beyond 35 lbs, are extremely expensive, and at least in our experience with three kids and a subaru, not very easy to install. Our rf-ing radian makes using the passenger seat pretty difficult, and we can't afford a new car. I find it hard to justify to my family when it's so costly...
We JUST installed our new radian today for my 26 month old who is 35 lbs. so he can keep rear-facing. I find it such a hassle though, that in all honestly I can't say I'd do that again after 2. 5 or so...It's hard to install with three across, hard to hoist him in there. Quote: Originally Posted by goodheartedmama Let's say you have a 33 or 35 lb rear facing seat. Obviously the 40, 45 lb ones were not out when a lot of us bought seats (I happen to have...
thanks a bunch!
Quote: Originally Posted by inky leeuhhh i just ordered two pairs of her fleece longies . Did you find her color selections anywhere? I'm confused. Or do you just tell her blue or red or whatever?
well those seller are all different. Maybe with a recommendation I'll try if she has larger sizes. I just tried 2-3 sellers cold. One actually ended up being pretty good. Two were terrible though. Actually those look great- I'm going to try a pair of fleece. Thanks! Half the time I use them with covers, but still they (obviously) fit over cloth way better than store bought pants I found.
Does anyone know what happened to this site? Does she have another store elsewhere? I loved how her recycled wool longies and fleece pants fit, and they were so..affordable. Any other recommendations for recycled wool longies? They're such cozy and cheap pants whether I use them as covers or not. I just need someone who makes them well for my big toddler. When I've bought on etsy I always get weird fits that either won't go on or won't stay on.
Thanks. They are all essentially things I put on my face anyway, I would just like it put it all together. Silly question: What does the beeswax even do? I was under the impression it just held it together and gave it consistency, but I don't really know. I know at warm enough temps that combo would just be oil. I'm wondering if melting shea butter would do the same? I keep meaning to do that and add some vit e/ rosehip for an undereye cream and haven't yet.
Just saw this bumped- I just was ordering more rosehip seed oil from mrh and wound up getting their facial cream in rose, and it is lovely. The ingredients are so simple though, that I'm going to try and make it myself when I'm done. I just don't know how to get this consistency. It is completely non-oily and soaks right in. Also, I have everything but beeswax. Where do you guys buy that? These are the listed ingredients: Organic Olive oil, organic Sesame oil,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jane91 My understanding is that there is an ethical concern around creating a situation where someone is worth much more dead than alive. For good or ill, what that seems to tie to is salary as a measurement. Any life insurance policy following the 10x the salary or 18x the salary though is going to imply that they are worth more.
I know right, it doesn't make sense. I find the logic completely outdated. My dh and I have the same amount of education and made the same amount of money. Yes, clearly, I'd take a big hit when I jumped ft back in, but we'd both need help that costs money either way, and we'd both want to take care of the house. It's not as high as soCal here but it is also high and I can't see how they could seriously expect my dh to merrily hop along in such circumstances with such a low...
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