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okay neverind, wrong forum I think. : off to move to natural home and body care.
It's always a risk. But it's not a slamdunk into bf'ing failure. I used one with my first (who I DID let use me as a pacifier, I have no problem with nursing all the time, and my nipples weren't sore) but he was just nursing like a maniac, nursing well, gaining weight like mad, and sometimes I wanted to actually set him down. The extra sucking seemed to calm him if he was in the bouncy for a few minutes while I showered or ate (I held him all the time, but he was at times...
With my first two I was eternally sprouting milk like a fountain- both between feedings, on one side while they nursed on the other, and at night while co-sleeping and nursing I'd wake up in a lake. I was always washing sheets and seeking cloth nursing pads that worked. This time I was sooo prepared with wool nursing pads, wool crib pads on the bed, swaddlebees pads...you name it. I researched it and was ready...And not a drop. But this is my first time tandem...
My little guy was born on Labor day! His name is Roman and he was 9.5 lbs adn 22 inches. The first two hours after birth really left something to be desired (I hate hospitals) but my birth was amazing (3rd one here, so a little faster). It's hard to appreciate every moment when I have two others, but it's been a week already and I can't believe it. It's a little hard to think this will likely be my last little newborn. Trying to soak up every moment!
I can't find them anywhere. There's a bunch on ebay, but the sizing is different and I don't think they have my size anyway. I need 3+. I only found continuum family, but I think they're in Canada and I need these pronto, plus they are a bit more expensive I think, and it says they only have white right now. Thanks!
I had a boy. Sorry to prove you wrong.
Congratulations! What a cool dream.
For ds2's birth my mom (who was supposed to take ds1 and was usually responsible) planned a cocktail party the day before the due date. She thought he'd be late b/c my first was. : I was trying to relax and was stressed out about my 2yo choking on some geezer's martini olive. Nuts!
I did finally call, and she told me to call her around 9 tomorrow to check in if I'm not in major labor earlier, so at least I have some time. I don't know why, but I was sorta worried about infection (clear fluid though, no fever or anything, gbs neg), but it's not like I want to go in as early as last time-- that was a real drag. Contractions have picked up, but still wimpy. We'll see. Thanks. I think I could have 14 kids and still be nervous. :
I didn't know they could "reseal". I know with ds1 my forewaters broke in active labor and the rest at the very, very end. Will try to keep resting..
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