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Oh I am so sorry! That is so upsetting. I will be thinking of you. There's still time...
Welcome baby & Congrats Mama!  
Good luck Kelley! So excited for you. I hope that tailbone heals up quickly - what a bummer (pun intended ). Will be thinking of you the next few days.
Well, I noticed you hadn't been around for a few days! Whoo hoo! Welcome Thomas!   Can't wait to hear more about it and to hear how the girls are doing with the new brother.
Oh wow - so awesome! I'm so happy to hear this. I've been wondering about you all week.
Dh and I found the same thing with our midwives and our theory is that it's the oxytocin. You just get flooded with love for everyone in the room, not just the baby...provided you were happy with your care of course.    
Ashley - that's great news! I'm so happy he's home.     Jenne - how are you holding up this morning??
Congratulations!!! Welcome Loretta!
So exciting! That's not what I was expecting from this thread. Can't wait to see a photo of your sweet Gideon. I'm sorry that labor was rough and I look forward to hearing everything you need to share!   Congratulations!!!
Thinking of you...
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