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I agree, he needs and OT evaluation and probably some therapy, they will help you set up what is called a sensory diet for him, etc. School district is a good way to go. Check with your insurance about if you need a referral if the school doesn't work out. Not sure of your location but you could also google things like sensory OT and your location to get some leads.
Maybe its too many choice for him? I would make a choice that you think he will like that fits your schedule and your budget and do it. I would try something with a shorter time frame, maybe 6 weeks? Okay, we are going to try dance now! Today we are going to dance at 6! End of story.
What you are feeling is normal. Really normal and also okay. This is a really hard transition for all of you. My children are similarly spaced and truth be told there were many days in that first year that I felt like we just barely survived. It does get better! Right now I'm sitting inside typing this message as my 6 and 7 year old play peaceful in the backyard, they are the best of friends. Any chance you can maximize sleeping for now? For example one partner sleeps...
I am also a SAHM and my kids will spend most of their summer unstructured. Maybe a camp or two but more waking up late, reading, going to the pool, spending time in nature. My ds thrives with "down time" but my dd and myself need a bit of structure.
Eye exams are routinly given in school and don't require consent. Your kid isn't going to get a TB test with out consent, it requires an injection.
What would you tell your daughter if she was in your situation?   My guess is that you don't really want "him". You want a man that will be in a loving relationship with you. That means someone who respects you, doesn't cheat, make jokes at your expense, etc. This guy has already shown you his true colors, your relationship with him isn't ever going to be what you wish it could be. Its okay to be disappointed, mourn that loss, etc. Its okay to be mad at him and yourself....
It could be developmental. All kids go through phases like this again and again. Pushing boundaries, checking to see how parents and caregivers will react, etc.   Or it could be that some need he has isn't being fulfilled and he can't tell you that so he is acting up. Check in with his teachers, see if you can id any triggers at home. What about setting up some low key rewards for good behavior too?
He might need more neb treatments if his lungs haven't healed completely. I would suggest checking out the nutrition forum and doing some bone broths, lots of leafy green veggies, epsom baths, lots of outside time.
I agree to try both. My favorite easy way for mag is an epsom salt soak.
Ruthie and the (Not So) Teeny Tiny Lie is good. It is about lying but that particular book deals with stealing too. I would also suggest contacting the teacher. This is a really common and normal developmental issue in K.
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