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Stay hydrated, eat what you can. Of course practice good hygenie. You should be fine.
He gained a pound and a half in a month? I would say that is perfect!
Some ideas: Increase the fat in your diet. Eat an avocado every day, cook your veggies in olive oil, use real butter, etc. Increase your water intake and add some natural milk supply helpers, oatmeal, granola, mother milk tea, etc. Try block nursing to increase hindmilk intake- nurse from the same side for two sessions or more. Make sure you are getting over 8 nursing sessions a day, really over 12 would be better. At least every 2 hours during the day and 4 hours at...
Stress - like having to have medical procedures and a CAT scan - could be messing up your cycle.
I'm due March 28th so I will be visiting the April board too. Although I think the baby will come in March.
Hi and welcome!
I can't tell you it will work or how long it will hurt because it is different for everyone. Some people take the anitfungals once and are better and others battle thrush on and off for months. For me it was the latter. I've tried meds/antifungals, repeatedly, and they didn't work for us. Thre are hundreds of threads here and in breastfeeding about thrush, you may get more ideas if you look through those. Here is what I do- Limit sugar and dairy Probiotics, I use...
Quote: Originally Posted by cheeriotwins could someone please post the exact instructions to dye silks w/ kool-aid? i understand that soaking them in vinegar yeilds the best results, but do you rinse it out first? how long do you boil the kool-aid and silk together? and finally, do you rinse it out after boiling? thanks!!! I don't use the kool-aid method and but from what I have gathered it isn't an exact science, you decide the # of...
Another end of the month mama! WELCOME!
Most women find that pregnacy symptoms start around 6 weeks so I think you are good there. Light brown discharge is okay too - even pink for some people. It is red that would make me concerned. Some women even have spotting through pregnancy. I doubt you got 3 false positives, especially if you are taking different kinds/brands of tests. So, to summarize, my guess is that everything is okay and you really are pregnant. I would suggest upping your liquid and staying...
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