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Thank you for sharing your positive story! xoxoxo
yes, you could do the chin like this, but too much shaping will give a jowl-y appearance and make the doll appear elderly instead of childlike.
Before you pull the skin tone knit over the head ball that you tied and covered with stockinette, you can add wool and shape/tease the wool into shape, just like you would shape a nose. (Or breasts on a mermaid)   You can also untie the stockinette and roll it back to the eye line and stuff some more wool up into the cheeks and chin area and shape these under the batt, then pull the stockinette back over and tie, then pull the skin tone knit over this. Experiment and...
Come join us on the Facebook Dolly Stitchers group. You have to ask to join but there are so many helpful doll makers there who would be glad to give you tips on how to sculpt a chin and full cheeks on a wool doll head.   I love these dolls with their extra sculpted features and lovely clothing- very inspiring! http://www.etsy.com/listing/85249597/mitsue-handmade-cloth-doll?ref=v1_other_2  
Knit your yarn together then wet it good and let it dry. When you unravel the knitting, the yarn will be good and curly.
I like a smaller mouth with a hint of a smile, too. The way that I achieve this is with 2 long stitches, one on top, just slightly higher and the lower one slightly less wide as the top one. Using a bit of bee's wax on you floss before you embroider helps the floss to stay put where you want it too. HTH  
A local upholstery shop might have something you can use to substitute for foam. There are poly battings that are thicker and stiffer than your average quilt batting.
This has never happened to me and I use both the organic and non organic interlocks in my doll making. I also use gauze and stockinette for the first layer and the cotton interlock skin over that. I have never had any wool batting or fiber migrate through any of it. I wonder if it is the wool fiber you are using?   The gauze or stockinette is stretched very tightly when I am done tying the head ball but the interlock skin that I use to cover the head ball is not...
Farmerbeth, I agree and you said it so well!    
I believe kids should be allowed to choose their own friends.
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