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My sister has just been here visiting. She doesn't like confrontation and lets her kids make a lot of choices that are not really theirs to make. Her 2.5 year old doesn't like the car seat, so they sit in the back seat and hold him (not belted in at all). I am tempted to talk to her, send her statistics or call the police when I know they will be driving a certain route and hope he'll give them a ticket. I'm not wanting them to get in trouble, but the thought of...
My ex uses his anger against me to threaten things with the kids, but I've learned over the past 4 years that when it comes right down to it, he really doesn't want the responsibility of having the kids and he won't keep them if they are upset or crying. He threatens alot but doesn't follow through.
If you are ready to take that next step, you might as well file first then you can put what you feel is best and not have to disagree or re-work his ideas. You can put anything you want into the papers, meaning that you can move freely as you need, however, he may come back saying you need to give him 3 months notice before moving or that you can't leave the region. Whatever you ask for in your initial papers will not likely be where you end up.....so you need to ask...
I am so glad to hear that. My ex is close to being a dead beat -- but I know of at least 4 dads that are SUPER involved in their kids lives, so they do exist.
After the last really bad date I went on, I just emailed the guy and said that I appreciated the brunch, thought he seemed like a nice person, but I felt no spark. Then I added that I hope he finds that special someone and wished him well.
Have you thought of contacting an job search agency. You'd have to do 1 resume and they would find an appropriate job for you? Not sure if that would work for the positions you are seeking, but it takes a lot of the work out of it. I used to do it, as temp work, and I'd just fill out the application, drop the resume and then wait for the calls. It worked really well for me. Good luck.
Mine was quite amicable for a long time. I also dated a man who lived across the street from his kids and we would go have tea with his ex about once each week. I had friends who lived in the same house as roomies and then moved into side-by-side homes after and they did that for about 10 years. It is possible. Keep your integrity and focus and it really can work out well.
Yes, I felt that way too. Initially, I had my parents stay with me for a few days, but when they left, it was just me & my son. I felt quite sad and lonely, especially at first. About a month later, we had a terrible storm and I was terrified. I called my ex. Thank goodness he helped me feel more calm. It takes time to adjust. It does get easier. Big hugs ~ L.J.
Well, I am a stay home mom, I'm a student and also homeschool my 7 yo. I use child support, my investments and student finance to help me stay home. We live very frugally. But it is possible. Dar doesn't post here often, but she's been a single, homeschooling mom for a long time too.
I'm hoping that it continues to move along swiftly.
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