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I too remind myself that they are a part of him and that by saying things about him, I am in part, saying those things about my child too (at least that's how they may interpret it). I also try to turn things back to me. What is my part in this? What am I doing to make things better? How can I improve this situation? Sometimes it works, sometimes, not so much. Kids need to know that it is safe to love both parents, no matter what. If they figure things out on...
I am so sorry you are going through all of this. I couldn't pass your post without responding. I have had a miscarriage and understand how difficult it is to have lost a baby that I already loved. I hope you and your husband can support one another through whatever happens.
Quote: Originally Posted by lilgsmommy ETA: He knows he can make the decision not to give the meds, he is just worried about whether or not it will affect thier up coming court date and other things if he doesnt do what she says.......her and her family already told him they thinkthe baby got sick because she was around my 3 year old, and they are going to petition the court to see if they can make it to where when he has visitations he cant bring the...
Well, your DF may have no say in their minds, but as the father, he does have a say. If he's not wanting to give the meds at all, DON'T. It's his child too and he has every right to do what he feels is in his child's best interest. I would also document the whole thing in case you need to refer to the incorrect dosages and such at a further date.
I had someone tell me an easy way to try to get some insight into a dream is to list all the key words on one side of a page like.... midwife delivery baby mom and then go through the list and write across from it what each word means to you
I would probably hold off on any tylenol if possible and only give the child's formula if the fever got really high, just to cover your butt. That's a really tricky situation.
Sorry to hear it's been a rough one. I agree, if you need to, stand up for yourself. It's perfectly okay to do that. Hope tomorrow's better.
I've got both "Real Boys" - Pollack and "The Wonder of Boys" -Gurian and I really liked them both. I had no idea some of the things that boys go through and NEED to go through. Lots of good help in both books.
You know, choosing a career isn't a life-long process. You can certainly choose something and start working at it or towards it....sometimes even just taking that first step helps to solidify what you want to do. I didn't figure out what I want to do "when I grow up" until a couple years ago. Things just sort of came together for me. And yet, in my twenties (and even through university the first time) I really didn't have any idea what I wanted to do. You will...
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