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Why don't you call the schools you've found and talk to a counselor? Quite often they have ideas and surveys you can fill out that will help you narrow things down a bit more. I'm guessing they will at least be able to help narrow things down a bit.
I will share my own personal experience. When I was first parenting I had it all figured out. I educated myself, made informed choices and thought I was the best parent going. Not only did I think I was great, but I decided I needed to show everyone else the "right" way to give birth, breastfeed, not circ, etc. I surrounded myself with a group moms who believed exactly what I did and we all pumped each other up and convinced ourselves and each other that we were...
I was sad to see Josh go too. I didn't like Ben the first two seasons......but he's grown on me a little this year. I really like how he boosts everyone's egos and really has nice things (things that sound genuine) to say about every performance and every person. I agree I like the music choices and judges better on CI.
I've dated a little but I only started 3 years after we split. The first guy, I met online. He had a kid in between the ages of mine. We were all very busy but often met very casually with the kids and hung out. There was only 1 time he came for dinner without his daughter when my kids were around. He was good with all the kids. We dated about 5 months. I met someone else through friends. He had no kids and we never spent time with my kids. We only dated about...
Well, the first piece of good news is that you've made a break and gotten yourself and your child away from the abuse. The second piece of good news is that you have already been a single mom for one month and you are REALLY doing it. There's nothing to be scared of because you are already handling things. It can feel scary and overwhelming, but you will continue to take things one day at a time, one step at a time and eventually you'll have been a single parent for a...
I'm glad it went so well. What a bonus for you and your little one. It is unfortunate the effects that alcohol can have on a person.......a relationship.......a family. I hope your ex one day finds a way to recover from his alcohol and be able to have a great relationship with his son.
Thanks guys! I appreciate the support. It's better if I vent about it and then let it go instead of stewing over it all day. I will agree to split the court fees etc. but will NOT pay for half of his lawyer. This should be interesting.
That sucks. I wish some of our ex's would think before they act (or let their girlfriends act) so irresponsibly when it comes to their children. I'm sure she thinks your son is "cute" -- like playing house or something. YIKES!
I'm not in that situation, but it could be very difficult for the younger sibling to be left behind. When my youngest was 2 (breastfeeding & co-sleeping) he took our older son who was 6 for an overnight. My youngest cried all day for his brother. He kept saying his name over and over and cried so hard. My ex refused to answer his phone so it was terrible. He even woke up at night and cried for his big brother again. And in the morning, he was absolutely crushed to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Katt2005 :LOL Someone did understand what I was saying!! I may need to apply this to my situation. But first I need to figure out what is big, and what is not worth bringing up...and the challenge begins.. :LOL Yeah, I have no idea either what that would look like in REAL life.....but it sounds good in theory. I think I need a handbook! :LOL
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