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I just found out that if my wife gets the job, she would be working 8-1 3 days a week. How much would be good for that? $50?
My son is 19 months old. My wife has always stayed at home with him (she worked a bit but I was home when she wasn't). Now we need to get day care for him. My wife is interviewing for a job where she would have to work 2 1/2 days a week. We feel bad about putting our son in daycare. It's OK, isn't it? We're thinking of asking my step-brother's wife, who lives in the vicinity of the job my wife will probably get. She's at home with a 2 1/2 year old anyway. My question is...
I thought I'd come here since my wife and I struggle a bit with this. Our son is awesome, we love him more than anything and it's been the greatest experience of my life having him, but we're seriously considering having him be an only child. I have a brother who is 4 years younger than me. We were always best friends and never really fought much. My wife has an older sister (5 years older) and a younger brother (11 years younger). I can't speak for my wife (she's...
Funny thing - we bought new bath toys, and took out all the old ones. Everything was A-OK tonight. I guess distraction was the way to go...like so many other things.
Hi everyone, I am the father of a 16 1/2 month old boy. The last two days, he's started doing something different. When we put him in the bath at night, he freaks out! He used to love taking baths. Now all of a sudden the last two nights...like I said, he freaks out. Why might this be? I know the water is a fine temperature. One other thing he has started doing, though I don't know if this is at all related, is pulling back his belly and looking at his penis. It...
Gotchya. Thanks you guys. Quote: Originally Posted by MCatLvrMom2A&X Just tell the Dr. from now on at appts "Do NOT touch his penis" that will cover it since most dr hear retract and think all the way when in fact any movement of the foreskin back toward the body is retraction. It is your right to tell the Dr what he can and cannot do. So dont be afraid to stand up for him.
Well...crap, Reading that link has got me really scared now. My son is probably OK, isn't he?
I agree with you guys. It's a shame really, cause I like the doctor otherwise. I'm just glad it didn't seem to hurt Junior. Like I said, it didn't seem like it hurt, or even caused him any distress.
So, We were at my son's 1-year checkup. The doc retracts my son's foreskin. I'm like "uhh...I thought it was still fused." He said it was fine to retract. I was pretty sure that it is unneccesary to retract...but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Junior didn't seem to be in any pain at all. When I'm changing his diaper later, I noticed some redness at the very tip of his foreskin. It went away quickly. (I don't know how soon, but it was definitely gone the next...
Sorry to add another post to this. It's just really really hard and it tears my heart out every day to leave my little boy. I need empathy
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