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Nope, we make peepee and poopies here!
I was never told I look like a celebrity (anyone who has seen me, feel free to name one if you can think of one!), but everyone says to me, "Oh, you look just like my COUSIN!!!!!" :
Cute story, Jacque, but I can see how your dd's feelings were hurt. Can you speak to your son about more acceptable ways to let his sister know he needs some privacy? Maybe the two of them can help brainstorm some privacy guidelines for the whole family. I can picture his drawing so easily! :LOL
Slightly off topic here, but don't I need a digital camera to post pics online? I do have a scanner but haven't figured out how to do it with just that. Anyone know how? Mamapie, maybe you can help - I can think of another place where I'd post pics if I could
Dotcommama, I have never heard that, but I have heard that teaching children the correct names of their genitals and having them feel comfortable talking about them is empowering to children. I can see how it might deter some sicko if he heard the child say, "Don't touch my (vulva, penis, whatever), that's mine and it's private!"
Oh, it's definitely not just you! I can't stand the whole food-as-entertainment thing. My dd eats well and enjoys a variety of healthy foods and occasional sweet treats, and that works for us. I don't think food should be seen as a toy. It's like the corporations think children need to be tricked into eating. The "contains vitamins" marketing ploy really ticks me off, too. So many people are so ignorant of basic nutrition that they actually think they are giving...
This is fun! I'm 5'2", have medium length wavy brown hair that I like to blow-dry straight when I have the time, light brown eyes, and fairly light skin. I tend to dress in jeans, close fitting tees or sweaters and chunky black boots - that's kind of my uniform!
Last night I watched Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues on HBO - did anyone else see it? It was really unbelievable to hear someone speaking so openly about women's bodies and women's sexuality. She really brings up so many issues dealing with the shame women are taught to feel about their bodies. Some of it was so sad. Anyway, she gave a whole list of "nicknames" including some of the ones mentioned above, but I think my favorites were "Gladys Siegelman" and "Coochie...
Hey, why not have both at the same time...now THAT'S what I call a menage a trois...
It has always been my understanding that little girls should not spend any more time than necessary sitting in a tub of soapy water, because of the potential of genital irritation and bladder infections, as LaLa mentioned. i always let dd play for a while in the warm water, then wash her body and hair quickly and take her out. Just my two cents! If you think your baby may enjoy playing with bubbles, why not fill a large plastic tub with tear-free bubble bath, sit her...
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