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:LOL These stories are so funny! My dd has a habit of doing the Howard Cosell thing in public bathroom stalls, you know, "Mommy, you're making yellow peepee! Now you're wiping, Mommy!" One time I had my period and had to take her into the stall with me, and before she could start describing the entire tampon-changing process in her very loud, very clear voice, I asked her to sing the ABCs. It worked like a charm. People may have thought it was strange to hear that,...
I also have issues with schools being used in this way. Between the Lions may be a good show (I've never seen it), butthat's besides the point. I think marketing to children is awful to begin with, but doing it in the schools seems even worse to me, because they are like a captive audience, plus they are out of their homes and their parents' supervision. It's like the big corporations were looking for an opportunity to catch them without mom and dad. Plus, linking...
Yikes, MamaLeah and mamapie, sounds like you had lousy teachers and moms in your groups! The Gymboree teachers where I took dd always made it clear that the children will participate as much as they want to and that parents should accept whatever their child feels comfortable with. They were very sensitive to the individual needs of each child. I didn't see any moms forcing their children to do anything they didn't like, and I guess if one tried, a teacher would have...
Sleepies, I love your honesty!
I took my dh's name when we got married, so that's the one dd has!
Haven't read that one, but there's another excellent book on the same topic called "Our Babies, Ourselves" by Meredith Small. I'd love to check out the other one.
I love these - keep 'em coming!!!
My dd uses "kid chopsticks" at Chinese and Japanese restaurants, and they are exactly how rocketmom describes them, with the rolled-up paper and rubber band. She can even eat noodles with them!
Just out of curiosity, Erin, what part of the parachute play did you find dangerous? I can see where it can be dangerous if children get wild; fortunately, the moms in dd's group were always good about removing a child who could harm others. Is that what you mean?
I'm reviving an old thread I started in which I asked people to explain their usernames. It was fun, and now there are so many new members whose names remain a mystery! So do tell! Mine, for those of you who didn't read the first thread, comes from something I say to myself whenever I feel tense or angry with dd, and sometimes dh! I also value peace in my life over eveything else, having grown up in a home that was anything BUT peaceful.
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