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Ours were much younger. Our first AD we shortened her first name and lengthened her middle name. Our second AD we changed completely. Our current foster son goes by a shortened version of his middle name and does not like his first name, I could definitely seeing him take his middle as a new first name.
With my first DD no relationship. With my 2nd DD, we have a decent relationship with her bio dad. We've taken him out to brunch on holidays, met at the park, and went to his baptism. DD is 3 so she doesn't get who he is and is very weary of strangers. So they don;t have a lot of contact when we see him, my oldest DD is actually more friendly with him, she's 4. We now have a foster son that is 11 and we do community visits with his 21 year old sister, she attends his...
My adopted daughters are 15 months apart, placed with us almost exactly one year apart. They are doing wonderfully at 4 and 3. They are sisters and best friends and their relationship is amazing. I really think it depends on personality. We have a 10 year old birth son and an 11 year old foster son and it is just now kinda smoothing over. It was like a pecking order contest almost every day. I wouldn't take a placement older again. He was supposed to be placed in 4th...
At this point, can't you be considered fictive kin for this child? And hopefully you don't have any real worries. I remember being stressed that they were going to find some long lost relative of bio dad and take our foster baby, but the fears were thankfully not realized.  
My sister's birth mom parented kids 1, 2, and 5. Placed number 3 and 4 for adoption. My sister in number 4. It is something she struggled with in her early teen years. It wasn't until mid teens that she realized her birth mother was really in no position to parent 3, 4, or 5. We all realized 5 was a guilt baby for 3 and 4. It's hard to explain to them later that the birth mom changed and was able to parent when they couldn't before. My friends have an open adoption and...
Yeah, we used a milk share site and were able to get donor milk for both my girls. I had a hard time nursing DS and that coupled with we didn't know what age and when we'd get a kid, I didn't even attempt lactation. It was the only thing I feel I missed out on with my infertility issues. I really had wanted to nurse my children.  
Not the same situation but my stepdad (who also had never been a parent) came into my life at 15. I had never had a man tell me what to do, so we clashed a lot. He wanted to parent like I was 5. I'd say just have an honest conversation with ehr and start setting boundaries and follow-through with reasonable consequences for not following your instructions. Good luck!  
I have a friend who nursed her adoptive son, he actually never had a drop of formula, she was able to get a full supply (without ever having been pregnant before so pretty amazing). She went on to nurse for over a year.  
A pack and play would not be allowed in my county as a perm sleeping arrangement. Funny that we did have my adopted daughter (15 months at time) sleep in a PNP for one week while we kept an 11 month old as respite for a week and he was in her crib. But our worker knew we'd buy or borrow whatever we needed immediately upon receiving word of a placement.  
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