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Thank you for your replies and for sharing your stories.  I really appreciate it.   Basically, he sees choosing to adopt as giving up on our ttc journey.  I don't see it that way, but he is certainly entitled to his opinion, and it is just as valid as mine. 
I would love to hear from folks who have worked through the adoption process with a reluctant spouse.  I have long felt that adoption was a way I would like to build our family.  Over 15 years of marriage, I have brought it up 3 times with my husband and he has always squelched the idea.    Was your spouse/partner reluctant?  How did a change come about?   There is so much more to the story here, but I don't even know where to begin.
I like this thread.  My brothers and I are all one year apart and I always thought I'd have my children closely spaced.  We ended up dealing with infertility (both primary and secondary).  DS is 5 and will be at least 6 when our next child is born (if I conceive again soon and carry the child to term).   I've had to grieve my "plan" of having them close in age.  Still dealing with it, actually.  I try to focus on the positives.  DS is very independent and I do like...
Yep, just like you. Reach around back and wipe front to back.    He can stay sitting on the toilet and lean over so his tummy is against his thighs and wipe, or he can stand up to wipe.
Actually, my ds still watches Zoboomafoo on PBS every day.  In our market it comes on at 1:30, I think.  It must be reruns he is watching, but they are still broadcasting it.  I agree that it is a very good show.
Wanted to 2nd Peep and The Big Wide World.  We LOVE that show.  Used to be on DiscoveryKids but we don't have that channel anymore. Saw it advertised on PBS now, so I'm not sure what the deal is.  You can watch videos of it online, though.   Also love Fetch with Ruff Ruffman.  DS (age 5) learned about concussions today and the science behind bicycle helmets.  I'm so sad to read that it is the last season. We just discovered it recently.   Sid the Science Kid is...
I was about to tentatively join until I started bleeding last week and an u/s showed that a pregnancy didn't appear to be developing. Well, the follow-up u/s today showed a yolk sac. Will check again Friday and praying to see a heartbeat. I'm pretty sure I'm 5w4d today, which puts me due close to the end of June. We've been ttc a sibling for our 5-year-old son for almost 4 years. Got pg this summer but m/c at 7 weeks. So, so happy to be here and I'm really...
I'm so sorry. Hug that boy of yours tight.
So sorry you are going through this again. When I first started bleeding this time around, my first reaction was "I am not strong enough to handle this again." After about 24 hours I realized that I am strong enough, even though I really, really do not want to be in this situation. This will also be my 3rd m/c. I've also had one stillbirth and one living child. Thinking of you. Hanging on to "hope" is so hard.
Hooray for your hcg being so good! Since you are being proactive and getting the injections, try not to worry too much (yeah, right) about your progesterone number. Let us know how things are going!
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