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I completely agree that it starts young!!! I am definitely already feeding my kids info about my values. Like that babies eat from the breast and not the bottle. That's what I learned when I was little, seeing my mom nurse my brother. I didn't know any better! And I am sure, Amy, that your students *will* remember you, and that you had a positive influence on them. I have no doubr about it. Also, I think the best thing we can do is just put our positive normal birth...
Yeah definately easier for me the 2nd time around! 1st: was admitted to the hospital at 2 am with only 2 cm dilation, water broke. After 6 hours was induced with pitocin, pushing was 45 mins. It took about 12 hours from the moment I was admitted to the hospital. 2nd: I was having twins. Killer contractions took me by surprise when I was at home, and I called the paramedics. My water broke (or can you say BURST) when they were in my house, getting me ready to go to the...
My girls are called Noga and Savion (sahv-yon) For a next girl I love the name Zelda.
A couple of months ago, I had an ectopic pregnancy. The way it went was pretty strange actually. When AF was there the cycle I got pg, I felt O-like pains in my right tube that didn't go away. I said to a friend that I was afraid that I would get an ectopic and surely enough it really happened. At first I didn't know that I was pg at all, because AF showed up again right on time, but after she was gone I started bleeding again and I ended up in the ER where they found a...
I'm considering to make round nametags for the participants that are 10cm in diameter.
The 20 mins of monitoring wouldn't be such a big deal if you'd be able to be upright. In my local hospitals they allow women to be attached to the monitor while sitting (on the birth ball, chair etc) next to the bed/close to the monitoring device. That could be a good alternative for you too.
If your husband has unrealistic ideas of the hospital, maybe it's a good idea to take a tour of that specific hospital so he can see with his own eyes what you're talking about.
In the 70s, my mom used to teach childbirth classes as part of her job as a physical therapist. The crowd she used to teach was mostly middle class lutheran (conservative) without higher education. During one of her classes she was interrupted by one of the ladies with the question: "But, where is the baby supposed to come out of??" So my mom answered: "Through the same hole as it went in". It took the lady a few moments to process
Quote: Originally Posted by KittyKat Do you mean occiput transverse, or transverse lie? I was talking about transverse lie.
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