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He has risen! Alleluia! I hope all of you mamas have a blessed Easter.
Sarahsmiles, congrats to your daughter! How exciting. My first son asked specifically for nothing. My second son received a cross necklace and a hand made leather scapula from his god parents. We kept it very simple as well and I love that. For your daughter maybe a traditional lace mantilla? First communion is an excellent time to I troduce covering in the presence of our lord, a simple necklace or bracelet, a journal, a crucifix for her room? Just a few ideas.
I subscribed to this thread years ago and it just popped up on my messages. I had forgotten about it. I wanted to share what finally worked for us. After a long long long battle of systemic yeast, we had tried what felt like everything. I had vaginal yeast, in my bum, thrush on the nipples, and sometimes even in my mouth. The nurslings were the same with my son having it on his bum and in his mouth until he weaned and then his went away. My daughter (whom i was...
Thank you for starting the new thread!!! Looking forward to the feast of st. Nicholas tomorrow!!! Dh is really struggling in his faith journey and in turn our marriage is suffering. We have started attending the byzantine church which has helped in a lot of ways but in others not so much. It requires us to be active in the parish and commited in a way that we never had to be before which I am thriving with and dh is stuggling.
Tomorrow the kids get to wear saints costumes to church. They are pretty excited. We haven't been to a church that has done this before. I just realized we haven't do e wings for ds 1 st Michael costume, oy. Started adult ECF last week so hong to learn a bunch about Byzantine traditions. P&L prayers your way.
We will meet with the priest tomorrow morning and hoping he can help guide us and give us some resources so we can learn more. I am really so happy there and haven't felt this way since converting so this is wonderful. My children are begging to attend as well and that is so new. I know that the sign of hte cross is in reverse, they are really into icons, the host is received in the blood, and the entire liturgy is sung. Also no meat on fridays and during lint it is...
I haven't followed this thread in a while. Was unable to follow as I was searching for the traditional catholic mamas. So glad I found you ladies again. I hope to read through when I get some free time (ha ha). I just wanted to make sure to post so I was subscribed to the thread. Some of you may remember that dh and I were really struggling in our faith journey. We tried out several different parishes and just felt like we were still missing something. We met a...
This is my 3 1/2 year old daughter having her last nurse at her weaning party. (Sorry, can't seem to turn the pic)      
if they have been in the freezer it won't harm you. I don't know anything about the potency. I would recommend giving it a shot and seeing if it helps.
katico- migraines suck sooooo bad. so srry you are dealing with them :(. The house sure does go quickly. If I don't pick up every single day then forget about it. I HAVE to dolaundry every other day or it is a mess.   we don't get many hand me downs. I get them for ds1 and then down the line they go. I tell others we don't need anything. dd1 got a bunch of stuff. I have through size 5 (she is in 2-3 right now) and havent' been offered anything for a while and that is...
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