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I definitely recommend using the safety elastic on the Ergo if you end up getting an Ergo, but even if not they're tested and high-quality buckles if you go with a good reputable name brand carrier. Like military grade/hiking grade plastic buckles. As Christine says you have to watch out for car doors -- that's the enemy #1 of plastic buckles. I always teach parents that they have to listen for that good solid "click" just like they do with a carseat -- I think the...
But it is very rare in intact boys, and it's most commonly caused by circumcision. http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1016016-overview
I think it bears asking the question -- as part of your homework assignment and as something the instructors need to be thinking about before they ask this question of future students: which other body part would we consider cutting off a baby to prevent a hypothetical future issue? How about breast buds on baby girls? The lifetime risk of breast cancer for US women is currently something like 1 in 8 and it would be a LOT less intrusive to cut their breast buds off at...
I would guess it's all from the separation process, not from meatal stenosis, which really is a circ complication. If he can retract himself a bit, what happens if he tries peeing with his foreskin retracted enough to uncover his meatus? He can always squat on the side of the road and pee, too -- just like a girl -- but I wouldn't encourage holding it when he really has to go. Honestly, I'd be a bit concerned about the pediatric urologist visit -- because when your...
How far away is the Family Cow in Chambersburg from you? I drive to Yardley PA every 2 weeks to pick up milk from them (I'm in NJ where raw milk sales are illegal, boo hiss). I know lots of people around here who get their milk and we all love it. Grass-fed, certified organic! http://maps.google.com/maps/place?hl...35566543163784 see also http://www.realmilk.com/where4.html#pa
Have you talked to Pam and Louise at Maternity Care Associates in Pennington? They have privileges at Mercer and supposedly it's a great place to deliver. They have a good OB backup, too. Good luck!
10 am in community room 3 of the Mercer County main library in Lawrenceville, off Business Rt 1 (East Darrah Lane jughandle).
That's the theory of evolutionary archaeologist Timothy Taylor at least. Makes perfect sense to me!
Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't, even when I "go advanced." In my WAHMarket thread, it's currently stuck on a Boba pre-order sale (which was definitely an edit) and isn't showing the Independence Day sale even though that's what I've entered several times. Is there a trick I'm missing? Thanks!
I know it's a huge shock, but really, there's no hurry to fix it. As long as he can pee OK, then it's just a cosmetic issue. Really, it could wait all the way until he's fully grown to fix it (and there's a lot more to operate on at that point when you know what the penis is going to look like!) Also, the idea that you need to circumcise to fix a mild hypospadias is outmoded. In Europe, they do surgeries to reconstruct incomplete foreskins because they understand that...
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