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Sounds like yeast! You might try using an OTC anti-yeast cream on it and see if that helps.
Wow, that's really eye-opening.
Mama, I am so sad for you. Would you consider calling or emailing Marilyn Milos, founder of NOCIRC? You know she has 3 circed sons, right? I wonder if she could help you come to terms with this burden that's so heavy on you right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by jessjgh1 Im glad you are feeling a little better and ready to pass your knowledge on to others. I'd just go very cautiously with any restoration for your ds. He's really too young to really understand it and I personally think it is something that should be pursued by the individual when he is older. but that's just my opinion. Perhaps having him do something to cover is fine, but I think usinig tape etc just seems a...
It's really, really hard. Some people are just going to cover their ears and eyes and shut out everything they don't want to hear, and go with the flow for their own stupid, shallow reasons. It sounds like you've done just about everything there is to do. The Penn & Teller show might be a last-ditch effort to try, as would the circ video if you can get them to watch it. At a minimum they should know that their baby needs effective pain relief if they're going to cut...
So your BIL was teased....does he enjoy his foreskin now? Tell your SIL that he owes it to his son to enable him to have the longest, thickest, and most enjoyable penis possible...and if they circ, they are guaranteeing that their son will grow up with a shorter, thinner, and less sensitive penis.
Personally, I would ask. I would rather lose a friendship than be silent in a case where I might be able to help save a baby boy from cosmetic penile surgery. You never know, maybe there's something they're still concerned about that you can help answer for them. I don't think a human rights issue is an "agenda" that needs to be downplayed to avoid hurting feelings. Feelings are less important than babies' body parts. You don't have to be rude about it but sometimes...
http://www.yuki-michelle.com/hugs/index.html If you buy a selendang from her it also helps support mamas in Indonesia get slings!
Since I've been posting and reading on this board for a long time, I know that these discussions have come up from time to time, linking circ to pretty much everything under the sun. I agree, I think we shouldn't make claims that can't be supported, but I think it's also pretty rare that a lot of thread time gets devoted to the question of "do circed men rape more" etc. So on the whole I don't think there's that much wacky stuff to turn the pro-circers off -- well, other...
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