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I worked full time (desk job) until 36 weeks; babies were born at 39. I did have the advantage of being able to nap at work (on a couch in a quiet lounge) over my lunch hour, which helped a LOT! By 36 weeks I was very uncomfortable, and wasn't getting much done at work anyway.
My concern is this - if you don't have extra income to put into savings, will you have enough income to pay for all the little (or big) extra expenses of your own home? Even if you find an inexpensive home, you'll still have PMI, property taxes, homeowners insurance, utilities, lawn care, and maintenance (which could be a little or a lot, depending on the age of the house).   As much as I hate to move (so I assume everyone else does too), you might be better off...
I always thought I wanted to take our kids to Disneyworld (I went as a college student, and loved it). Then we ended up taking a trip to Washington State when our twins were 4. They loved the Seattle Zoo, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Mt. St. Helens, and the Olympic rain forest. At that moment DH and I decided there were so many natural wonders in this country, we could do without the Mouse.   Our kids are 17 now, and they have been backpacking in New...
  Satchel Paige's autobiography - a fun read about an amazing baseball player:   http://www.amazon.com/Maybe-Pitch-Forever-Leroy-Satchel/dp/B00233UD68   This is a hilarious piece of fiction about a goofy baseball team:   http://www.amazon.com/Screwballs-Jay-Cronley/dp/0523414846
I recommend silk long john (I think I got mine at Land's End). They are nice and warm - I spend a lot of time outdoors in Minnesota in the wonter. But they are so thin that they are comfortable to wear under jeans.
My sons are seniors in high school, so I guess I have the most experience!   They were together for K; it was their decision (as well as the recommendation of their K teacher) that they be split up after that. Our middle school had 3 "teams" of 3 classes each - the students in each team switched teachers for different classes (math, science, English, I think), but didn't move around between teams. My kids were on the same team, so they had the same teachers and...
I don't know what I weighed before I got pregnant, but I gained 8 pounds between week 10 and week 16. I would be surprised if I hadn't gained before that - I wasn't nauseous at all, and ate normally.   I think, as long as you continue to eat healthy, you're doing great! Listen to your body.
When we were kids, we simply had a long, wide piece of green felt, decorated with a Christmas tree or a star or something at the top. Then there were pieces of candy - tootsie rolls or something with twisted wrappers at the ends - stapled down the length of the felt. Remive one piece of candy fro the bottom each day - Christmas is at the top!
If you have allergy trouble, you probably aren't going to want to burn wood. My Mom had trouble with allergies just having wood in the house (this was wood we'd cut ourselves, on Mom's property). Wood smoke goves off all kinds of stuff to which you could react.
I agree that this is more normal puppy behavior than dominant behavior. We had wonderful luck with our pup teaching him what TO do instead of what not to do (just like with our kids). Praise him when he is acting appropriately; ignore him when he is not - for example, before you give him his food dish, turn your back on him until he is sitting quietly (or at least not jumping on you, for starters).   I also believe that dogs come in different personality types,...
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