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I've skimmed through all the posts, and only once did I see what I think is the most important question of all:   OP, how does your daughter feel about her size/weight?   If she is comfortable with her weight, that's great! You both could still benefit from healthier eating. If she feels like she is overweight, or headed in that direction and wants to do something about it, you could offer some suggestions.   I have rarely been what I would consider "skinny"...
The teacher sounds awful. My son went through a similar thing in 6th grade - felt picked on or shunned by other kids, etc., didn't want to go to school,  I emailed his teacher, reported what my son had said, and asked "Is this what you are seeing?" I wanted to find out of my son was doing anything to cause the reactions he was getting.   The teacher was incredible. He confirmed that he saw just what my son described - and we figured out what to do about it. Long...
My sons are identical - they were mono-di. Most of the time they don't look a lot alike (at least to me), but once in a while we get a photo like this, where it's pretty obvious they came from the same egg! They are 18 - this was taken last week.  
My dogs were chipped by the breeder before I got them, but I would have it done myself, just to be on the safe side (I'm a big believer in insurance).
StudentDr, my sons are monozygotic, (one placenta, one chorion, two amnions, determined by examination of the membranes after delivery). One has a birthmark on his belly; the other has a birthmark on his temple. One was born with a full head of hair; the other had peach fuzz on his head. Even "identical" twins are not exactly alike.
My 18-yr-old sons both asked for Legos for Christmas.
I gained a total of 64 pounds - I delivered 8-lb babies (that's 8 lb each) at 39 weeks.   I averaged 2 -3 lb/week, and gained 15 pounds in the last 5.5 weeks. Neither of my doctors (an OB and my beloved family doctor - I alternated visits between the two) was concerned about my weight gain.   And I'm only 5'4" - I had NO room, but I still managed to gain (and so did they).
In our schools, students attended conferences through middle school (8th grade), and many attended conferences in high school as well (though less than half). In elementary and middle school, fall conferences were for goal setting; spring conferences were for reviewing those goals.   If either the teacher or the parent waited until conferences to discuss an issue the student is having, there is a serious problem.
I think my "parenting" style is similar for dogs and kids. I try to teach them what TO do, instead of what not to do. I use a lot of positive reinforcement, and little or no punishment for dogs or kids.   Obviously as children become verbal, the details change, but the underlying philosophy is basically the same. But for both a young toddler and a puppy I will baby/puppy-proof, I will use distraction, I will ignore inappropriate behavior and praise appropriate...
Robbyn, I loved your post! Toddlers can be remarkably empathetic, and it's so important for them to see how we deal with being tired, cranky, frustrated, or angry.   Part of the problem with 4-yr-olds is that they are growing and changing and maturing so quickly, it's hard for us to keep up! We just get used to one new set of behaviors, and they throw another one at us! And those changes can be as scary and hard to deal with for the child as they are for...
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