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I'm out you can take me off the list.  I hope you all have uneventful wonderful pregnancies and enjoy those cute little munchkins!!
Hello Ladies, Glad to be joining you ! I am 36 and due Sept 15 with #7. We have 2 boys 4 girls this one will be a surprise. I haven't told the kids yet I am trying to think of as creative way to tell them in another month or so.
Home V-BAC G11/P6/A5 39.1 wks 8.12oz Male
Baby Asher was born on Sept 21, 6 days before his due date.  In my opinion labor started on a Monday evening and didn't stop until he was born Friday morning.  The contx were 10 min apart all Monday night spaced out a bit Tuesday but were never more that 30 min apart and that pattern continued Tuesday night and Wednesday and Wednesday night by Thursday I was  exhausted as they had been too strong to sleep through the whole time however I had been able to sleep between...
It's starting to look like like tonight is the night for me and my mom flys in today at 6 so just in time I think anyway.   Judy I wish I could send you my labor stuff and I could take your lack of labor .  I am praying you go before the dreaded cut off.
YAY!! WCM  I am so happy for you!!!  I hope your recovery is swift from the blood loss and what an amazing experience.   Am I the oldest one here? I am 35 my oldest just turned 13 which is so wonderful and sad all in one.  He was such a cute baby and I remember looking at him when he was just born thinking I had all the time in the world to enjoy him and now he is a teenager (a really great one).   I need baby stay in vibes.  I was up all night last night with...
I wanted to add dh was ambivalent about it before the birth but was so glad he did it was a wonderful experience for him/us.
My dh caught with me in H&K position and it worked out great.  I know it sounds a bit gross but at the time I was pushing all I cared about was not pooping on the baby I could have cared less about his view of the birth.  I didn't poop on her but I was panicked about it at the time.
Congrats Nukuspot that is one fast labor. I had to laugh about biting your husband I'm sure he understands. I've come close in some of my labors but dh saw it coming and pulled back in time.  
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