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I would say it is too early to worry about autism. My son is being evaluated now for autism and he smiles all the time. He avoids eye contact and has other symptoms. He is 19 mnths old and he didn't have any problems till he got his mmr shot.....but thats another story. I wouldn't worry about such things now just keep an eye out and enjoy your baby.
Hello, welcome to MDC! We have something in common.......we are both married to older guys. Don't let anyone tell you it will not last . I have been married for 8 years and still going strong.
sounds to me she just didn't want to come to your house and she made up a reason not to.
I understand what you are going through bc my son is going through a similiar situation. We go next week to see a autism dr. to get evaluated. My son changed after he got his MMR shot when he turned 1. He had been saying a few words and regressed. He stopped giving eye contact and became addicted to anything having to do w spinning. There are other things but I want to make it short. You are not alone so never feel that way. I think I need to take my own advice sometimes.
I wished I knew for sure........I think the d stands for dear but I might be wrong. Ex.dear son sister in law ....dear husband and so on ......but could be wrong
I have 2 kittens that my dh brought home for dd. I need to know what I need to do for them. They are eating kitten food and I give them water and milk to drink. Is the milk ok for them to drink? They don't seem to have a problem w it. I also need info on what needs to be done for them at the vet. office? They seem to be doing fine w the litter box.....Is it ok to change the kind of litter. I also need to know about fleas.....what do I do about them. The kittens are in the...
my aunt makes them and she says they are simple.....she buys the pages from walmart and she stuffs them. Like i said she is the martha stewart in the family. I hope to start making them when i get my sewing machine at christmas. If you private message me ....I can call and find out more details tomorrow. Let me know if you want me to find out.
my aunt made my kids cloth books.....and they fight over them. They love them and they can learn letters and numbers. They have all types of cloth books you can choose from. She makes them as teacher gifts as well.
I don't have any statistics. My son was born healthy and had great eye contact and his speech was developing normally. That all changed when he got his MMR shot. There was an immediate change in my son. He stopped talking and regressed. He no longer will look people in the eyes. We knew something was wrong and his Dr. finally confirmed that he thought it was autism. My son goes to get diagnosed officially next week. I am so angry bc I wasn't aware of what could happen....
I have to agree with marsupialmom. It's not your child and you should look inside and ask yourself if you have your own agenda.
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