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Sorry I don't have a answer to your questions. I am so glad you started this thread bc I am possibly going to be in your same shoes in a couple of years. I fear that help want be there when I need it for my son.
I took my son to his primary dr. today to talk about concerns of possible Autism. He asked me why we were concerned and I explained what symptoms my son had been showing. He then told me that he had also been concerned and that he had noticed things for awhile that concerned him. He said that my son was most likely Autistic but didn't want to say anything for sure. He referred me to a place where my son could get evaluated. I was holding up well until he handed me the...
My first reaction : I wouldnt let my : wear that....if I had one. I feel... :Puke
I am sorry that you felt pressure to take the test and that she made you feel so bad. I had gestational diabetes w my second child and had to take shots in a stomach several times a day. I followed my dr's instuctions and my baby turned out to be fine. I don't agree with how she treated you but the test does serve a purpose to some who wouldn't know about the problem otherwise.
My heart goes out to you and your family . I will be praying for you.
when I said 30 min didn't seem enough I was speaking more about my own children. They need and expect me to play with them. They love it when we are willing to get down on their level. My daughter has a strong imagination and she expects us to enter into her world of dinosaurs and whatever else she might be pretending to be. My son is a more complicated child and needs us to show him extra attention that he might not get by trying to talk to him while doing dishes. We...
i would flat out refuse to participate in the class. I would explain to the teacher why you object and demand a makeup class.
Hi! I had both of my babies while on the highest dose of clomid. I wouldn't worry about multiples bc if you truly need a fertility drug the risk of having more than one shouldn't be that likely. At least that is what my dr. told me. He said there was a risk in cases that really shouldn't be on clomid in the first place. He said some dr's put women on drugs too fast bc of pressure from the patient. Good luck to everyone trying to have your little miracles. I know GOD has...
i am actually surprised ....30 min a day doesn't seem enough. Don't get me wrong I know playing isn't what most would call fun. I spend at least 2 1/2 hours a day playing with my kids. My kids demand it and my son needs extra one on one playing time.
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