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I wouldn't worry about it. I have two kids and I found that people just want to scare you sometimes. If you are worried about it I would use a wet washcloth to clean out your babies mouth after nursing. What's so bad about bubba teeth anyway? :LOL
I sometimes think teachers put to much into things. I am trying to fight them from evaluating my girl. They told me she was behind everyone bc she couldnt color in the lines as well. She is 4 !
I know how you feel. My 18mnth old son has said momma dadda and kitty kitty.....that's it. I have started him in speech therapy at his dr's request. I worry because tanner doesn't point to what he wants. I spend all day working with him and have started to fear autism. The dr. has mentioned it and as a mother it scares me so much. If you need someone to talk to you can pm me at anytime.
never knew cloth diapers could be so cool. I feel left out!
I combined my kids names madison and tanner and got madtan. It is also what my little girl calls her little brother when he acts crazy. :LOL
I have the same problem with my little one. Her pre-k teacher is wanting her to see a special ed teacher because she has trouble with holding a pencil the way they want her to. I think they are expecting to much from a 4 year old. I was never one to force anything on her. I wanted her to develope her imagination. These are the same people who worried bc they saw her walking funny and asked me did I know she was doing it sometimes. I told them she walked they way...
I own all the seasons 1-8 and I cannot wait till the next one comes out. My aunt and I are planning a trip the real locations of plum creek etc. I think we might be on the verge of addicted. :LOL
I need some ideas that I could use for a science fair. The kids need to see science in action. If anyone has any suggestions I would be happy to show them off to the kids. They need to be easy enough for a small child to understand. I am in need of decoration ideas as well. Thankyou!
I think I would freak out too.. I don't know a mom who wouldn't. Don't feel guilty about the choice you made because it was the right choice for you. I wonder if it might have something to do with more than a sore. I would seek a second oppinion. My husband had a nephew that had a problem with the inside of his private.... everytime the private got bigger when it was time to pee he would be in pain and bleed. He ended up having surgery to correct the problem. It might be...
New Posts  All Forums: