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I wouldn't worry about it too much. I had the same problem and my childs dentist calmed my fears. He said that madison would eventually wean herself and she did. He said teeth will usually correct themselves 99% of the time when the child decides to stop. When madison started not to want it we took her to the build a bear workshop and had them put it in a bear that she now sleeps with. She loves it.
Hi! I co-sleep with my children as well and find it to be a great way to bond. I know that many people don't agree with the practice but as long as you are safe I see no problem with it. My oldest has started to grow into her own bed. If you don't mind it why don't you try waiting on your child to sleep alone until he or she is ready. You are letting the child in bed with you anyway.
My son is not speaking at 18mnths and sometimes acts as if we are not there. He is loving but I cannot help but feel something is wrong. We had his hearing tested and it has turned out fine so far. He loves to spin and running in pattern. Can anyone help me?
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