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I actually think it sounds like a fine idea. Christmas light strings are a known lead poisoning hazard. Most of them are also cheap and shoddy, and probably an electrical shock risk too. Thus, just taking the breakable ornaments off the tree isn't much of a solution. I don't think it's "not parenting" your child if you don't have the leisure to stand sentinel over the Christmas tree every moment your kid is awake.
Quote: Originally Posted by nudhistbudhist If everyone was telling me to CIO and formula feed, should I do that too?? People are often misinformed!!!! They certainly are. I'm not, though. Neither are the others suggesting what I suggested about the dog.
Quote: Originally Posted by nudhistbudhist Humans are THE most dangerous creature on this planet. Our violence is so much more broad.. we destroy everything around us for our silly creature comforts... We are permanently killing off species EVERY DAY!!! yet.... we aren't executing oil executives, or fish farmers, or loggers... Strange, isn't it! I didn't mention execution in my post, but rest assured if a human was repeatedly harming her baby,...
If person after person is telling you, asking you, BEGGING you to get rid of the dog before it seriously injures your baby, maybe you should consider that probably not all of them are crazy. I think the person that said CPS would take the baby if they knew you were allowing him/her to be bitten repeatedly is probably right. It would look to them at the very least like poor judgment, and at worst like callous disregard for your child's safety. The time to work with the...
I'm almost never on MDC anymore, and hadn't heard about this until just now; I could not read this without replying. I'm in tears for you, and am just so, so sorry for your loss. There are no words to express adequately what I feel reading your story and looking at the beautiful pictures in your sig link. I'm so sorry.
My son recently fell out of bed, and I felt terrible too. He's 10 months old and sleeps between DH and me. I rolled over with him to nurse him on the other boob, with the intention of rolling back when we were done. Well, needless to say, I fell back to sleep, and he rolled out onto the floor. That was a scary way to wake up at 5 AM for all three of us!
If I was the sort of person who was this concerned about credit card theft, I don't think I'd have been about to use a credit card at the drive through anyway. (And I am that kind of person now, after having my credit card number stolen a month ago.) What did you think she was going to do with it? Even if she ran it right there, it still would have been out of sight above your eye level. I wonder if that girl realized you were treating her like a would-be criminal? Or...
I was also going to suggest baking soda. It seems to suck up odors.
PM me if there is still time to contribute $$.
nak I just signed up too. I guess being awol for almost a month knocks me out of contention for mod-dom.
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