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Rescue Remedy is a flower remedy - similar concept as homeopathy ie working on an energetic level - for stress and trauma. http://bachflower.com/wordpress/?page_id=293
My DD hated the car from around 2-4 months. I kept Rescue Remedy spray in the car and spritzed it on her ankles before we headed out. And liberal sprays in my mouth while driving to keep me from losing it. When all else fails, turn up the volume on a pop hits station and sing myself to distraction. She is much better now that she can manipulate and mouth toys back there. Hope your LO grows put of it soon!
Thank you for the reply! I bought the seat in Vancouver BC and these were the only pads that came with it. Good to know they're not required!
Just got a Radian R120 for my 6 month old who at 21 lb is about to outgrow her infant bucket.   I'm not thrilled with the way the harness pads sit on her. Even though she's a big girl, the pads practically cover the entire length of the straps from the upper slots down to her lap. It makes it hard to do a pinch test on the straps and I feel like they keep the straps so rigid over her shoulders that they can't be tightened enough.    Will they get more...
  Etta then and now ...    
Cutie! What does he weigh now??
We are still very occupied with sleep stuff over here too. Since my last post in this thread three weeks ago we had a period of lovely 3h+3h+3h sleeps with only the briefest of wake-ups for nursing in between, and I was feeling really good about it and hopeful that we'd start to extend those stretches. Then out of the blue we had a few dire nights where she was literally waking up every hour, and refusing to unlatch from the boob in between, and I was just laying there...
Happy half-birthday Odin and mama Rosie!! This is officially my new favourite thread.
Happy to report that the MEOS + booster under a wool cover has been working great! No puddles in the bed with that combo! I've added a fleece liner for a stay-dry layer right up against her. It's pretty bulky and she's going to grow out of the Imse Vimse wrap soon but I have a new wool cover on the way from an etsy shop. I'll have to check out that shop, amyjoyce!   Thanks for all of the input, mamas! Now if only I could do something about the milk puddles I make!
Thanks for your thoughts! This is probably not that complicated but I am sleep-deprived, overwhelmed and sick of waking up with pee in the bed! So I am wondering ...   For the first option you gave, would I put the hemp booster in the pocket underneath the BG insert, ie furthest from baby? And with the MEOS/wool combo, would a booster go inside the diaper or between the diaper and the cover?   I guess I don't really understand boosters and where they go in the sandwich...
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