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4w postpartum and going through a hard few days here. DD is crying a LOT more, especially around poops and farts, and I just feel at a loss about how to comfort her and how to avoid the gas in the first place. It seems like she can't be awake and happy for more than 10-15 minutes at a time before she starts to fuss and be uncomfortable and start freaking out and it feels like everything I do to try to console her ends up being the wrong thing at the wrong time. We were...
Look what I made!! We're trying to do a photo on the blanket every Sunday as a growth record. I finally got the blanket off the needles right around when her cord stump fell off. This is at one week. She looks so tiny to me now!  
Wow, what a ride! Your not-so-little girl is gorgeous and you worked so hard to get her!   Your birth story is a lot like mine but my uterus went on strike at 8 cm and stopped responding to the oxytocin (aka pitocin but we don't call it that in Canada). I also had a c-section but fortunately was able to be awake for the birth.   I'm a midwife and this describes how I feel about my birth pretty much exactly:       Hugs and speedy healing to you, mama!
I'm starting to feel ready, maybe after my mom leaves tomorrow? DP is home for another week so that might help with taking advantage of a daytime window. Ladies, don't forget lube! BFing hormones decrease vaginal lubrication so a little extra will help smooth things out, so to speak!!
I'm 3 weeks postpartum right now (birthed by unplanned C/S at 41+5, uncomplicated post-op recovery, easy breast-feeding) and though I am a fairly seasoned and enthusiastic camper, there is NO way I would want to be camping right now! First of all, I can't imagine sleeping on the ground or anywhere but our comfy king-sized bed. Secondly, we are still figuring what 'routines' work for sleeping, diapering, babywearing and it sounds totally overwhelming to be doing that in a...
Congrats Jess! Looking forward to hearing a name!   And a big shout out to jennyvangy for keeping this thread up-to-date since the beginning, even after your own LO started keeping you extra busy! You even cross-referenced my DD's name announcement from a different thread and updated with it over here ... mad skillz, mama!! 
My triumphs this week:   Booking (and making it on time to!) back to back massage appointments for me and my mom on the weekend. They were just 30 min long but it felt so good to have my shoulders and neck worked on!   Just now I went to the craft store and day spa (both just one block away from home - super convenient!) with DD sleeping in the sling. I needed some knitting stuff and she was fully asleep by the time we left the craft store so we popped into the...
Oh Jess, you look so gorgeous and your little guy is scrumptious!   Courtney, I love the guitar serenade photo. What a beautiful family you have.   Lennon cracks me up in that photo, she looks so grown up already!   tarabelle, what a great shot of Rosie. Are those your eyes or your DH's?   I'm sure I've missed someone ... All these babies are so sweet and it is amazing to see how they are changing already.
Rule of thumb for growth spurts is that they usually last around 24 h. If it's several days of the baby nursing constantly but not seeming satisfied then I'd be wanting to rule out a supply issue.
Thanks for the new thread! My mother's day was sweet - brunch by my SO and DSS, and my mom is visiting so it was special to spend mother's day with her. She's been here for a week and leaves on Thursday; I'm having my usual looking-forward-to-my-own-space-again-mixed-with-guilt-for-feeling-that-way thing ... ugh, it would be SO much easier if we lived closer together so every visit didn't have to be at least a week long and so loaded with importance. I'm sure once I'm...
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