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My stepson is 8 and our baby is 2 weeks old. I bet he'd like to wear her for short periods as he is really enjoying being involved in all the rest of her care. She settles so well in our Baby Buddha but it clearly wouldn't fit him as it is not adjustable to the wearer - thankfully my SO and I both fit it well. We also have a Moby, as yet unused, but I imagine we might be able to get a decent carry on DSS since it's so customizable. Do any of you have older kids who wear...
Congrats! Beautiful baby and I love the name Nora!
Mo smiling - squee! Rasa - I've been using the Tapatalk app to post from my iPhone. You can pull photos directly from the camera roll, also can take a photo specifically to attach to a post.
Named at last, at 12 days old! She is Etta Katherine Adeline; named for a whole mash-up of women ancestors.
You are in my thoughts many times a day. Thank you for sharing your beautiful birth story and picture of your sweet boy. There are no words to express how sorry I am for your losses. Praying for peace and strength for you.
Our girl. I think we finally have a name for her (day 10!) but need to run it by her big brother tonight before we make it official.
oh my god, all my words are inadequate for this nightmare. where do you live? can we post in a regional forum to find someone to come be with you? Is there one friend you can call to come over? When will your mom be back? Hours or days?
Postpartum day 8 here. Trying out posting with Tapatalk for the first time, we'll see how this goes. My sweet girl is passed out on the nursing pillow on my lap after a 6:30 am feed. We've had a good night with feeds at 10pm, 1:30 am and just now. Pretty good sleeps in between. I can nurse side-lying on my left but not my right. Still troubleshooting the latch on the right and healing some damage there. I used to have my nipples pierced and the milk seems to pool out of...
I'm one of those silent mamas holding her baby! I had a baby girl on April 22; she weighed 9 lb 4 oz but I'm sure she's grown since then. We are all so delighted with her - some of you may recall that we were not-so-secretly hoping for a girl! Haven't been near these boards since going into labour on the 20th - recovering from an unplanned C/S and coping with an over-enthusiastic milk supply is keeping me pretty occupied. Hope to be around more as things settle down.
Congrats to all the newly postpartum mamas!   Rikki - I also associate 'peri' with medical terminology. Personally I would use the Perri spelling because of that. That said, I'm sure whatever you decide will be perfect and she will make the name her own.   41+2 here and something is finally brewing, hooray! Have had insane back pressure with uterine tightenings every 10 min overnight and irregularly yesterday and the night before. I feel encouraged that my body...
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