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dp said something interesting about xenophobia and hating the enemy -- first the enemy is nothing at all like them (centurions) then they look like them (new model cylons) and now they *are* them (final four). but oh no! ribery has been injured! oh la la, he's being stretchered off the pitch!! sorry, euro 2008 is on... anyway, i thought adama has just had too much stuff out of character in the last three episodes -- the whole "i can't live without her" and the...
ok, i watched it again last night and i was *more* annoyed with the adama breakdown. the biggest thing that gets me about it is that he never ever ever lost it that much any of the times he thought lee was dead. dunno, the people i've known who've sadly lost a child have lost it far more then than when a friend has died/walked off with a spouse, etc. yes, i understand that his world has been rocked but i just don't buy such an over-the-top freakout. the other thing is...
hiya fyi, there is now a multicultural families forum: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...play.php?f=438 with lots of mamas from elsewhere all over the place. hth!
Quote: Originally Posted by sebarnes I guess we know when in history they show up now... I think the next half will focus on if there are any survivers and unraveling the mystery of what happened. I think the fifth was one of the humans on the baseship when they got D'Anna. She said "There are Four in your fleet." not "There are only Four among the humans." So, the fifth could be any of the people we've discussed that were over with they cyclons when...
yeah, saw that last bit coming. the show isn't all happy puppies and smiling kiddos after all. i do want to know who the one who "will be revealed" is. dp and i are fighting over whether the cylons really "had a plan." i thought their plan was very well executed but he thinks it's a plan that happens after their big plan. whatever. good stuff. i thought the bill bit was a wee bit over the top, but everyone else did a great job. no helo though... well, we'll be...
i know you don't want the french theme to continue, but i thought a good one-word name would be "miam" -- french for "yum"! years ago, there was a place in dublin called "the blue room" which was quite homey and did lovely food and coffees (rare at the time -- not now!!).
helo is waaaaay sexy. i don't think the final cylon is an adama. but who knows. i loved xena's fake out on the president. i didn't like her until this episode -- she is so much cooler now than she used to be. i love this show so much. i love the way it takes on big themes in the guise of space porn. so looking forward to this week! even though i'm sure i'm going to groan at the end when they leave us hanging til january.
i don't have any ideas myself but i would check out the dutch subsection of finding my tribe>europe. i've never seen so many people on bikes as in amsterdam! they have interesting solutions to multiple kiddos on bikes. good luck!
acupuncture helped me so much the first time i had a terrible bout of sinus problems. thanks for reminding me to do my neti pot! i hope your dh gets some relief soon.
no thanks.
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